BOP transport and global heating

Hooray for J Nagels (The Weekend Sun, December 27, page27) with his accurate and blunt assessment of outmoded roading models.

In this age of undeniable global heating, it is our responsibility wherever we live to use less carbon fuel and further road expansion is simply not the answer to a rapidly looming climate crisis. The science is clear that we are close to climate tipping points and local and global action is no longer a matter of debate but of immediate action.

Along with the utilisation of existing train lines in the Bay of Plenty for commuter rail, transport authorities should be connecting passenger rail to Auckland again; immediately commissioning a ferry service to link Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Omokoroa, Te Puna, Welcome Bay by water; further developing cycle ways and supporting expansion of bus routes. Free public transport will pay dividends in a healthier city and lifestyle, cleaner air, quieter roads. In addition, further road projects including SH2 that are likely to cost many millions should be shelved and money spent on single-passenger car use reduction and road safety. The quality of our lives and our children's lives will depend on intelligent transport decisions made now.

J Insall-Reid, Te Puna.

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WOW !!

Posted on 10-01-2020 21:24 | By groutby

...I would advise that stepping outside of your front door may well give you a different view on life....your retracted thoughts have already suggested no growth, no advancement and the rest...the world will advance and you are happy with.....nothing?

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