City councils got the best customer service team

Image: Supplied/Tauranga City Council.

The Tauranga City Council’s contact centre team has won ALGIM’s Customer Experience Best Team of the Year Award.

They took out the number one spot ahead of 78 other council’s contact centre.

To enter the awards, manager of customer services Margaret Batchelar says they had to provide a submission that covered topics such as leadership, team morale, team development, team performance and innovation.

“It was judged by a panel of judges that included a member of the ALGIM executive as well as industry specialists with local government customer service knowledge and experience.”

Margaret says winning this award is a huge endorsement for the contact centre and the organisation as a whole.

“We are very proud of the contribution the team makes to the organisation and the high quality of customer service delivered to the community.”

To win the award again next year, she says they will continue to be focused on improving their customer experience delivery.

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Posted on 25-09-2019 17:32 | By Eric Bantona

Sounds like someone is just bitter. The only one with a swollen head is you with a very strange attitude. I think the customer service team is just the team at the front desk that help visitors with their enquiries and take phone calls. They aren’t responsible for giving you the answer or making sure someone is there. I also bet that those 3 might be representing a larger team. Would you have preferred the whole customer service team went to the awards? I bet not - you probably would have whinged and said “shouldn’t they be at work?”. Don’t hate people for being recognised independently for doing good work. You said you don’t get a mention for your work. Are you in customer services then? If not, get back in your truck and aim for your own industry awards.

golly gosh

Posted on 23-09-2019 17:35 | By old trucker

Thats strange getting this award, when i ring to talk to someone over 30yrs i always get they are not in today or person concerned is in a meeting, i do not believe this, it does not say where this was held and how much did this cost, there will be a lot of SWOLLEN Heads in TCC tomorrow, its only my thoughts only on this SUBJECT,i work hard to and DO NOT get a mention for my efforts,they are only 3 of 650 staff,my gosh, thats me, Thankyou Sunlive, 10-4 out, phew.

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