Measles Epidemic 101

The recent “measles epidemic” in Auckland and other centres is being widely blamed on “anti-vaxxers”.

Scapegoats also include Dr Wakefield for his contentious survey of MMR statistics and other easy targets for vilification. For some reason the public health information system, while being extremely well resourced, is not providing sufficient hard factual evidence to support it’s case for everyone being forced to take the shot.

Here’s some simple but, I would have thought, obvious questions people have for the health officials.

What is different about the measles today that makes it “deadly” compared to when I was at school in the 70s and who, like most kids, contracted it?

Why has it changed from being a common childhood condition that kept you home from school, gave you lifetime immunity, and was considered no more than a nuisance?

Of the hundreds of people who have contracted the virus in the latest outbreak, what percentage have had the shot?

And finally please explain either why you won’t publish this easily obtainable statistic (please don’t falsely claim privacy issues), and if you do publish it, what does it tell us about immunity success rates for those who take the jab?

Intelligent people need to know the facts, if the facts support the assertions, fair and good.

Murray Maunder, Otumoetai

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vaccination numbers

Posted on 13-09-2019 09:38 | By KiwiDerek

According to the Institute of Environmental Science Research report from the week ending September 6th, as of last Friday, 64 of the 1111 confirmed measles cases in New Zealand were in people who were fully vaccinated. The MMR vaccine provides about 97-99 per cent protection against measles, a spokesman from the Immunisation Advisory Centre said. That meant a small number - between 1-3 per cent - of vaccinated people would still get measles if they were exposed to it. "If instead you are unvaccinated and encounter measles, then you have about a 90 per cent chance of catching it," he said. These numbers have been widely published - no one’s trying to hide them.

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