One stabbed in Tauranga fight

Emergency services were called to the stabbing just after 9pm.

One person has been stabbed following a fight in Tauranga overnight.

Emergency services were called to the disorder on Henderson Crescent at 9.15pm.

A police spokesperson says it appears there was a fight between two men known to each other.

“One person did receive a stab wound, but fortunately it was not a serious injury.

“Enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”

People with information about the matter can contact their nearest police station.

Alternatively, information can be left anonymously via the Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 line or non-emergency information can be called into the police’s 10 number.

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Posted on 20-08-2019 13:16 | By morepork

Statistics show that harsher penalties don’t actually deter crime. (Most offenders believe they will "get away with it" so the penalties are irrelevant...) What has to happen is a change in mindset. We need to stop the culture of "bashing" that many of our youth are subject to, and replace it with the ability to listen and to talk. Anger CAN be managed, and the consequential violence can be diminished or eradicated. It will take a long time, but the place where it starts is with schools, families, and whanau.


Posted on 19-08-2019 13:15 | By morepork

That there are still people who think that the best way to resolve an issue is with violence.

had enough

Posted on 19-08-2019 10:19 | By canyoubelieveit

everyday there is either a murder, a stabbing, a fight or someone trying to injure someone else in new about the penalties for these crimes be taken seriously and punish the offenders harshly...forget about the comfort of prisons and make it hard so these people dont reoffend....people need to feel safe and this is not happening....

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