Tauranga City Council candidates finalised

Fifty three candidate nominations have been received for the Tauranga City Council election this October 12.

The deadline for candidate nominations closed at midday today.

A total of ten people are running for the mayoral position and 19 candidates are vying for the four Councillor at large spots.

"For the past few weeks, Council has urging people to enrol to vote. Soon, the council will begin a campaign to educate voters about the STV proportional voting system," says a council spokesperson.

As it stands, Les Wallen, Tenby Powell, Kelvin Clout, Greg Brownless, Andrew Hollis, RangiMarie Kingi, Jos Nagels, John Robson, Christopher Stokes and Murray Guy are vying the for the top position.

A full list of candidates can be seen below:

(1 vacancy)
Councillor at large
(4 vacancies)
Mount Maunganui-Papamoa ward
(2 vacancies)
Otumoetai-Pyes Pa ward
(2 vacancies)
Te Papa-Welcome Bay ward
(2 vacancies)
Les Wallen Danny Cancian Steve Morris Larry Baldock Waitsu Wu
Tenby Powell Rhys Craig  Dawn Kiddie Erika Harvey Tina Salisbury
Kelvin Clout Geoffrey Brown Peter Stanley Anne Pankhurst Anna Larsen
Greg Brownless Buddy Mikaere Deborah Johnston Jako Abrie Alan Davidson
Andrew Hollis Kelvin Clout Peter Gregson Dave Bridgens A.J Tuhoro
RangiMarie Kingi Andrew Hollis Shona Delaney Barry Pollett David Grindley
Jos Nagels Caleb Hall Christopher Stokes Murray Guy Rob Poad
John Robson Heidi Hughes     Terry Molloy
Christopher Stokes Kim Williams     James Sherlock
Murray Guy Suzi Paige     Bill Granger
  Tony Christiansen      
  Josh Te Kani      
  Rick Curach      
  Matthew Gill      
  John Robson      
  Bernie Gillon      
  Linda Munn      
  Pare Taikato      
  Hugh E. Robb      

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Merchant bankers

Posted on 16-08-2019 23:34 | By Slim Shady

Bring down spending and rates. Sack staff that don’t listen to ratepayers. Sick of dreamers stealing my money. What a racket.

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