Mission St

On August 1 the Tauranga City Council heard 36 submissions relating to 11 Mission Street.

To me the biggest disappointment of the hearing was from Beth Bowden, representing Tauranga Historical Society.

She stated that this land, 11 Mission Street, was confiscated so it should be returned to the Maori owners.

She had never taken the time to research that 11 Mission Street is on the initial 30 acres of land sold in 1838.

In 1873 Rev Brown personally purchased 17 acres of land back from the Church. The 1,067 acres of Church land that was gifted to the Crown by the church in 1867, to form the town, was much further down the peninsula. She made the mistake of thinking that the Anglican Church’s apology was gospel.

Jim Sherlock, Friends of The Elms Chair

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