Steel twisted in Harington St Transport Hub build

The Transport Hub in Harington Street is due to be completed by autumn 2020. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Rumours that construction has halted on the transport hub in the city centre are being quashed by Tauranga City Council.

Reliable sources have told SunLive that construction at the hub had ceased.

The Tauranga City Council says that is not the case, but it does admit work had been directed to areas not impacted by what it calls design changes to seismic joints.

SunLive was also told the work on the multi-million dollar construction site had stopped because a concrete pour had twisted the walls of the building, and it was going to cost $5 million to fix. 

Council says this is not correct and they are not sure what the cost will be to fix it.

The council’s general manager of infrastructure Nic Johansson says during a concrete pour, one beam was observed to suffer from twisting.

The council says it doesn’t know how much it will cost to fix and will get back on that one.

“The situation has been reviewed by structural engineers, who confirm the structural integrity of the beam has not been compromised.”

Nic says further concrete pours of concrete have taken place this week on the ground level and fill is being placed around the site boundaries.

In May 2019, structural designers, Harrison Grierson, informed Council of a recommended design change relating to the seismic joints used in the construction of the Harrington Street Transport Hub.

Nic says the design change to include additional seismic joints will allow different parts of the building to move independently of each other, reducing the load on the structure.

“Once we know further information on the implications of the design changes, we will provide you with an update.

Nic says the Harington Street Transport Hub has reached its full height on the Harington Street side and is about 50 per cent complete.

The completion date for the project is autumn 2020.

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Posted on 10-08-2019 20:22 | By The Caveman

With Old Trucker - if the job was tendered and contracted out, then the CONTRACTOR should carry the can - NOT the RATEPAYERS !!


Posted on 10-08-2019 17:33 | By morepork

It certainly seems to be the way you have described. But, as Ratepayers living here, we have to take some of the responsibility too... we elected them. And we keep on doing so... a trail of bureaucrats who love to spend other people’s money, with no apparent respect or regard for the citizens they are supposed to serve, no accountability (as Old Trucker noted) and no transparency. It’s like once they are elected they forget all their promises and high ideals... The goal becomes to get re-elected so the gravy train can continue... We need to DEMAND transparency and accountability from people who are meant to serve US, not THEMSELVES. (I see the results of the Bella Vista Enquiry will NOT be made public... Why not?) People in TCC would probably think more if they knew they were publicly answerable.

Another --------------

Posted on 09-08-2019 20:25 | By The Caveman

Earthquake RISK building in the making !! And it not even much above ground level !!

here we go again

Posted on 09-08-2019 09:45 | By old trucker

This PROBLEM should be put back on the designers, this should not happen, why should we have to pay, (not saying we are)but , there is NO NEED for this car park, as the one in Elizabeth st is, (if all the cars were to be all put in one level all others will be empty) so this one wont be used,whoever did this Should be sacked as this should not happen,BUDDIES looking after the old school buddies and hide these problems, WHO in the Council says this is not the case, NAME this Person,they all hide behind the boss to keep their jobs, we pay for all this, TCC enjoy this all the BLOWOUTS gosh heads should roll,but NO, there should be NO DESIGN FROM THE START, IT WILL BE A WHITE ELEPHANT,watch this space,this is terrible Sunlive, PLEASE keep us upto date on this issue, Thanks No1,forNews,

What Next?

Posted on 09-08-2019 09:07 | By Maryfaith

One after the other, disasters compound with anything to do with the TCC! Surely Harrison Grierson’s insurance will be liable for this latest debacle? Or will it be TCC ratepayers again? Must be getting hard to find cover with any insurance company now! One can almost bet on something going wrong with everything they touch!

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