Green light given to 15th Ave upgrade

Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Tauranga City Council has agreed to proceed with construction of the stage one works on 15th Ave.

The project is seen as an important step in improving the traffic flows at the Fraser Street/15th Ave intersection, says a statement from the council.

Work is expected to start in September and an early 2020 completion is anticipated.

Transportation manager Martin Parkes says he is pleased to see the work go ahead.

“The aim of the project is to get more people moving easily and safely through and across this key arterial corridor.

“It’s important to emphasise that this work should see a slight improvement in journey time reliability in the afternoon peak. Users should experience more consistent travel times through the area and traffic volumes on 13th and 14th Ave will be lower in the evenings.

“Additionally, we anticipate a reduction of tailback on Cameron Road.”

Martin says stage one is not the long-term solution.

“It’s the first of a number of stages intended to deliver long-term improvements to this key arterial transport corridor.”

Stage one includes widening the road with two continuous southbound lanes from Fraser Street, merging to one lane after Burrows Street, installing traffic lights at the Burrows Street intersection to manage the traffic inflow and maintain a safe crossing point, controlling traffic from local residential streets, and improving connections for pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

15th Avenue will stay open during the works, but delays are possible. Residents and businesses in the area may also face some disruption.

Tauranga City Council will be working to minimise any issues and offers thanks in advance to impacted community members for their understanding and patience while the work progresses.

“To minimise disruption to the surrounding network we encourage users to continue using 15th Avenue during construction,” says Martin.

Currently, NZTA funding for construction of stage one works has not been provided under the 2018-21 National Land Transport Programme.

To bridge the gap, the Tauranga City Council has agreed to finance this project through a rates-funded loan, so work can go ahead.

Subsequent stages of the project will ensure alignment with the over-arching strategy of the Urban Form and Transport Initiative.

This initiative, which is similar to Get Wellington Moving, will develop a strategic way forward for the sub-region, with immediate and future priorities and investment opportunities in urban form, transport and other related areas.

These later stages of the project are scheduled to commence after the NZTA’s Baylink project is completed.

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Posted on 09-08-2019 17:18 | By Told you

What happened to no more projects before the election according to Kelvin Clout.

About time

Posted on 09-08-2019 07:55 | By SiouxLioux

Great about the lights. While they work on the lights they can stop turns at Burrows too. Be interesting to see the difference. Need to shut off the Turret Road exit NOW with the concrete barriers. Traffic does not flow because of people cutting in there and being let in by others who STOP the traffic flow to do do so.

15th ave

Posted on 08-08-2019 17:24 | By Karolt

Who is the person that made this stupid decision. Another stuff up like greerton. Find someone who knows how to sort it out properly.

15th ave

Posted on 08-08-2019 10:11 | By dumbkof2

simple solution for 15th ave. close turret road slip lane. make grace rd and burroughs rd no left turn 4.30pm to 6.00pm. install cameras to catch drivers left turning and $100 fine. this will stop the stop go along 15th ave. it is very noticeable how the traffic flows once past turret rd at present. ok there might be a bit of a build up in frazer st but it would only for a short time as traffic would flow unimpeded in 15th ave. this would cost a fraction of what the council is proposing

Surprise Surprise

Posted on 08-08-2019 09:33 | By Taffy

Just 2 months from elections TCC finally do something of note.It will NOT save your positions Councillors, you may think the poor old ratepayers are dumb enough to vote you back No Way!

Its just a band-aid !

Posted on 08-08-2019 08:55 | By The Caveman

Moving the traffic further down the road - NOTHING will improve until the Hairini Bridge is FOUR lanes !!

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