Pedestrian crossing improvements in Greerton

Greerton. Images: SunLive/Daniel Hines.

Pedestrian crossing improvements are currently taking place in Greerton Village, along Greerton Road.

Tauranga City Council’s acting manager for transportation, Phil Consedine says these works are being undertaken to make it easier for school children to cross the road.

“They include, removal and replacement of existing concrete footpath, installation of tactile pavers, installation of a new school patrol system, and miscellaneous signage and markings.

“Works will be complete before start of the new school term on Monday July 22.”

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I miss something

Posted on 13-07-2019 00:07 | By The Caveman

Hundreds of thousands MORE ratepayers $$$$ to be spent on a failed roading project !!


Posted on 12-07-2019 13:48 | By Lvdw

I really am at a loss for words. What a fiasco

Greerton Project About Safety and Accessibility

Posted on 12-07-2019 12:27 | By Sollygirl

I wish that critics of the Greerton Project would take the time to study and understand what these works achieve which is the safe movement of people using the Greerton shops. Greerton’s problems are caused by drivers from distant suburbs having to funnel down Cameron Road to get to town/work. I feel sorry for residents who have to drive everywhere to get around because walking, cycling and PT is heaps more enjoyable and sociable. I have it on good advice that a number of Greerton retailers and residents like the changes to the village and I’m happy to share that in this forum to balance the grizzles of the stick-in-the-muds!

Here we go again.

Posted on 12-07-2019 12:21 | By Kancho

I have never found one Greerton person or anyone visiting that thinks the previous alteration to roads and crossings is any good at all. Really council can’t wait for voting to commence


Posted on 12-07-2019 12:21 | By Andrew64

When will people be held accountable for their mistakes? The works in Greerton are an absolute disaster and whilst the person directly responsible should be fired the entire Council and Mayor must bear responsibility too. All current Councillors and Mayor must go at the next elections. It doesn’t matter who gets in they can’t do any worse.

Nearly hit on ped-ex for the umpteenth time

Posted on 12-07-2019 12:13 | By SML

yesterday around 3 pm by woman driver in "people carrier" vehicle on the crossing from Zest to Greerton Village school. I was in the middle but actually on the first line of the crossing, and she doggedly refused to stop, while looking directly at me! I reported her on the Police "bad driver" internet link, but have done over 15 of these, for exactly the same issue, in the immediate Greerton Village area, since Christmas 2018 - 7 months! - and nothing has been done about it. I’m a careful driver of my mobility scooter, and have the speed control reduced, and - having had that many "close goes" - I’m extra cautious at ped-ex crossings and driveways, but drivers don’t seem to realise it IS a driving offence to "fail to yeild to a pedestrian at a pedestrian crossing".


Posted on 12-07-2019 10:23 | By Fernhill22

This whole Greerton project has been a complete waste of time & ratepayers money. Please save us any further headaches & rip it up go back to how it was in the first place. We now have more traffic congestion, pedestrian crossings in stupid places, more nose to tail crashes & businesses closing. It won’t be long before more shops close down and the village becoming untenanted and run down like the City Centre.


Posted on 12-07-2019 08:44 | By First Responder

Just make sure any pedestrian crossing is close enough to a roundabout, so that when pedestrians are crossing, traffic on the roundabout comes to a standstill.......or have you learnt your lessons from the last stuff up.

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