Free and easy fantasies

Mr Dey’s attack on Tony Fellingham (The Weekend Sun, June 14) justifiably got robust rebuttals from Don Brash and Richard Prince (The Weekend Sun, June 21).

Everyone knows there is no English treaty and the only legitimate treaty is the Maori version taken from what is irrefutably the final English draft aka the Littlewood draft.

Sovereignty was ceded, all peoples of New Zealand guaranteed possession of their property and British citizenship granted - anything else claimed simply doesn’t pass the sniff test.

No mention of fisheries, forests and there’s certainly no reference to principles nor partnerships which are modern-day creative ‘legal’ fictions not in accordance with the truth or facts.

Strangely Mr Dey persists in deluding himself with unmitigated misleading nonsense when a reality check might do the trick and focus him.

Anyone that doesn’t want equality is encouraged to surrender their passports and move on, assuming always they can find another country to take them. In other words, take a hike because most Kiwis are sick and tired of the unfounded entitlement whinging.

Rob Paterson (abridged – editor)


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