Not impressed

Tenby Powell writes from Auckland that he hopes to come to Tauranga's rescue astride his white charger complete with carpetbag.

As he flits between the cities he may have missed my letter outlining the realities of Local Government so I'll summarise for him.

As a mayor you don't get to change anything unless at least five councillors support you. From the tone of his letter the only thing he would get to change in Tauranga would be his underpants.

As a potential new entrant into local government in Tauranga he may be unaware that this council embarked on an era of change starting with the appointment of a new ceo who is implementing council’s new direction.

The Local Government Act, designed by Wellington bureaucrats, ensures that change doesn't happen quickly.

Witness the mess Auckland is in and he proposes to bring that experience to Tauranga. No thanks!

We understand you want to escape from Auckland but we don't like what we see so, please Mr Powell, spare us your hyperbole and hollow promises and tether your white charger at the Bombays and unpack your carpetbag.

Tauranga, haven for refugees from Auckland is doing just fine without you.

Bill Faulkner, Otumoetai


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