Freedom of speech

March the 15th 2019 was a day that will be a turning point for us in NZ and for the rest of the world. Fifty-one people were shot in Christchurch and really it has been swept under the mat.

Politically there has been total silence with only a token gesture inquiry with limited boundaries. If the Government is not going to open this up for public scrutiny by allowing the video to be seen and given the discussion it needs then NZ is totally handing over our democratic power to a system that is controlled by overseas interests.

Can you name one politician who has stood up for free speech and for the rights of the people to be a part of the inquiry. This event was so far reaching that it has changed how we can now communicate with one another because any freedoms that we try to use are now lumped together under the ever increasing category of "hate speech ".

This is an issue that will be proven to be so serious in a soon-to-come time when those who support the hysteria of hate speech will themselves fall victim to its ever-broadening grasp.

Roger Kean, Welcome Bay

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