Election promises

Seems things are hotting up already for the elections in October.

Or maybe there is just a few guilty consciences out there among the incumbent

WBOP councillors trying to remember the promises they made, particularly ‘the freeze our rates’ promise.

Most paid lip service to this, but not one of them tried to improve on.

There are three councillors who want changes, but you need more people in there with a mind for change to vote the Mayor down (a numbers game).

They will have to work hard on convincing rate payers now that they have announced a rate rise of 3.4 - 4.67 per cent and especially as WBOP still has the honour of being the highest rated in the country.

So really folks how many of these councillors still deserve your vote?

WBOP needs a new way of operating. Take a cue from how Thames Coromandel operates their council. WBOP‘s operation needs a full assessment and drastic cost cutting.

One thing Thames Coromandel did was give more autonomy to their community boards and allow them to decide what needs to be done in each town and allow those people to organise changes.

Katikati and Waihi beach ratepayers’ association has been on the council’s case at every turn. They have placed submissions on every subject asked, they have chased council up on particularly two subdivisions, one in Katikati and one at Waihi Beach that have had shortcuts taken and council has allowed things to slide.

It must be hitting the raw nerve with council, because the Assn has received a lawyer’s letter from Council virtually telling them to back off.

Why should they? WE all are the ratepayers and it is our money that is being frittered away and not being used prudently. So, if you are not a dedicated councillor concerned about our drastic Rates situation, you need to resign now!

C Humphreys, Katikati


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