Respect the ratepayers

WBOP District Council has asked us rate payers to ‘have our say’.

Sounds good, but they never take a blind bit of notice!

We [Rate Payers Assn] have continually said ‘Freeze our rates’, WBOP rates are still the highest in the Country, why?

Particularly retired people must sell and move because they just cannot afford the high rates.

Now we are being faced with a rate rise again of 3.4 per cent up to 4.67 per cent, because a council cannot live within their means. CPI is 1.9 per cent; that is the highest a rate increase should be! Plus, extra on water charges now.

And they want to have a big corporate collect the rubbish, so there will be a price rise there! So that makes the rate increase higher!

So again, we have our say, like we did a ‘no’ to a new Katikati Library, but we got one anyway.

We voted a resounding ‘no’ to Maori wards, so to get around that one they invented a Maori committee of 19 who are paid by the rate payers once again, without our permission!

Now behind the scenes our Mayor is on a mission to give Pane Pane Point back to Maori, which in my opinion he legally cannot do as it is still being used for what it was purchased for in 1920.

WBOP District Council goes to the polls later this year so please ratepayers just remember all these misdemeanours of an extravagant council that cannot live within their means.

When is too much for ratepayers to bear? Many will keep selling and move to live elsewhere where maybe they respect the ratepayer!

Council stop biting the hand that feeds you!

C Humphreys, Katikati


yes C Humphreys,

Posted on 19-05-2019 18:39 | By crazyhorse

Time to drain the ’swamp’.

Most rated and indebted Council.

Posted on 17-05-2019 11:12 | By leighmac

Well said Christine, what have these councillors done to alleviate this tragic state of affairs, absolutely nothing over the years. As election time nears, time to vote for responsible knowledgeable caring citizens people who care, not the people who seem to change colours when elected! .

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