Spread stories of love

I’m sure there will plenty of letters and plenty of dialogue this week and in the coming weeks about the horror that took place in Christchurch last Friday.

But rather than talk about the monster that did this, let’s focus on the heroes of the situation.

People like Jill Keates, who pulled over to help victims, who was shot at in her car, who stopped her car and helped a man as he bled.

People like Abdul Aziz, who was in one of the Mosques that was targeted in one of the attacks, who grabbed a credit card machine to use as a weapon, who picked up one of the gunman’s guns when he dropped it and tried to fight back.

There is plenty of hatred out there in the world, and rather than focus on that, we should try and spread the stories of true heroism that come of tragedy.

Let’s not focus on the monster; let’s not lump him in with anyone. Let’s spread the stories of love instead of the stories of fear.

F McGrath, Whakatane.


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