Bad habits in crawling traffic

I write in response to K. Gilmore’s letter last week (The Weekend Sun, February 22). While I totally agree that yes, crawling traffic is hardly a death trap, my concern is rather about forming bad habits.

There will be people that think texting in crawling traffic is fine, and who also think that texting while on the TEL is fine.

The other problem I see with texting in crawling traffic between the Baypark and Bayfair roundabouts is that a rear-end accident could cause quite a big problem for other road users. Because this whole area is mostly roadworks at the moment, there isn't a shoulder to pull in to while exchanging details and possibly waiting for police. This road is already super narrow thanks to the roadworks, so let’s not block an entire lane with a rear-ending accident.

Thankfully, all the police require to report a bad driver is car’s number plate and the make and colour of car. Usually I can memorise these three small facts, and I have plenty of time to repeat the number plate to myself between Baypark and the city centre.

Usually around 30 minutes does it, and it gives me something different to do after an hour of driving, which is a bonus.

R Porter, Papamoa.


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