Kulim Park development under fire

John Little says public consultation has not been taken into account.

Bureta Residents are upset they haven’t been given a chance to have a say on the development of Kulim Park.

The Tauranga City Council consulted on the development, but residents say they weren’t consulted on the final design for the park.

The design plan includes resolving drainage issues, connecting shared paths, consolidating vehicle access and reinforcing harbour connection.

But John Little and Paul Clarke, representing residents of more than 50 nearby properties in a Neighbourhood Watch, say the redevelopment plan is seriously flawed and does not meet the space criteria.

They told the council’s Community and Culture Committee they are concerned the development work will be starting within the month and public consultation has not been taken into account.

“How come the public has been left out of the design process,” questions John.

“Our biggest concern is that the tender has been awarded and work is expected to start in three weeks.

“It’s not fit for purpose, appears to be extremely expensive and from what we can see, it’s over budget.

“The park is fully functional at the moment, it has some misgivings with things that can be easily addressed such as flooding, car parking and a dedicated boardwalk.

“Roading will be ripped up and a pathway put through it. There will be new car parking in what is dedicated greenspace.

“There is a need to keep the existing greenbelt, maintain open space and have a dedicated cycle way.”

Paul says Campervans will have to navigate around a drain garden.

“The proposed road position and campervan areas are a fail. There’s a need to go back to the drawing board.

“The existing park is fine, it just needs a little tweak. It’s not broken.” 

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Phoenix Carpark [ Take Two ]

Posted on 16-02-2019 13:57 | By Ben F

After totally destroying the public amenity of the loved Phoenix carpark, TCC council is now going to spend millions of dollars to destroy Kulim Park. Rather than upgrade Phoenix, Bayhopper or Kulim, Council goes for total demolition. I guess someone makes a lot of money out of their excessive spending.

whose decision?

Posted on 15-02-2019 14:49 | By dolofry

Was this a decision made and presented by staff to councillors to just rubber stamp or did the councillors question and all do due diligence on this?


Posted on 15-02-2019 14:15 | By peecee09

They the TCC did the same thing at the Phoenix Park at tha Mount, over 700 people said they didn’t like the proposed name change against about 250 who didn’t mind the name. They ignored the survey and gave the park a ridiculously long Maori name that nobody uses. ALSO they installed expensive stainless steel buttons to deter scateboarders and then built concrete ramps up on to all the seats. How dumb is that.

Not again.

Posted on 15-02-2019 12:35 | By Told you

I can understand why the residents are having doubts over the design plan, everything this council has done lately has led to disaster and in most cases the people weren’t asked their opinions on what they considered the plan should be, this council goes where angels fear to tread.

Typically warped Council plans

Posted on 15-02-2019 11:20 | By Slim Shady

This park should be for nearby residents. Other neighbourhoods have parks and reserves. No car parks needed. Only a short walk to the bus stop and loads of empty buses rolling by every few minutes. Expensive and over budget you say? Of course it is - it’s TCC and the bottomless pit of money.

Sorry, but its the usual story,

Posted on 15-02-2019 11:18 | By The Caveman

As far as the TCC goes. It ain’t broken, but lets break it !!!

Another fiasco coming up!

Posted on 15-02-2019 11:13 | By Maryfaith

They have found something green in the city - something that is natural - not broken. They have to ’break’ it - its’ in their genes! They hate green !!

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