Surfing legend seeks new store

Derek Winter is a name known among many old school Mount Maunganui surfing circles. While his surname might suggest the opposite, he's all about everything to do with sun, surf and sand. He's something of a legend in the community, a whizz... Read More

Homelessness jumps up in Tauranga

The number of homeless people in Tauranga has increased 20 per cent in the past year. A steep rise in house prices and competition for jobs in the Bay of Plenty city led to the number of people without homes jumping to 470. The city was identified as... Read More

Screeching frogs plague Papamoa houses

A biblical plague of frogs is terrorising the residents of Papamoa. Researcher Phil Bishop is delighted by Papamoa's frog plague, but Papamoa resident Carolyn Chatterton says she would like them to stop inviting themselves into her house. For the... Read More

Ready to respond to housing need

Accessible Properties say they are ready to respond to the increasing housing pressures highlighted in the government's recent housing stocktake report. Accessible Properties currently manages more than 2700 homes throughout New Zealand including... Read More

Housing development dialogue opens

Dialogue around two new urban growth areas is now open following a workshop presented by Tauranga City Council. The new areas include Te Tumu in Papamoa East, which is expected to provide about 7000 new dwellings, and Tauriko West, which could add 3000... Read More

Workshop to discuss development options

A workshop being hosted tomorrow is aiming to assist Tauranga elected members to hear community feedback around two new urban growth areas which are currently in the works. The new areas include Te Tumu in Papamoa East which could provide approximately... Read More

Aucklanders interest in the Bay falls

Tauranga has recently been described in the annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey as the most unaffordable city in New Zealand to buy a new home. “It looks like Aucklanders are less interested with the region than they previously... Read More

Massive retail complex up for sale

Land and buildings housing a “fashionable” mix of retail and commercial tenancies, along with a variety of marketing orientated businesses, have been placed on the market for sale. The property at 185 – 187 Maunganui Road in Mount Maunganui,... Read More

Housing rules shakeout talk

A shake out of some historic impediments to urban re-development in Tauranga is being promised as part of the process the draft Tauranga Urban Strategy through the system. Approved by the council on January 31, it will take about two years before the... Read More

Committee chokes on funding call

City Transformation Committee members have held off making a call on assigning planning funding to the proposed city museum, and left the issue ‘on the table' for a month while they think about it. At its last meeting of the 2017 year in... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should terminally ill people be legally allowed to end their own life or ask to have someone end their life on their behalf?


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Sunset turning the water pink. Photo: Lee Badham.

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