Bus woes continue

Improved bus service? What a joke.

Before the change, I took a direct bus from Gloucester Road to the Mount Hot Pools four times a week.

With the change, I now have to walk a further 10 mins to Grenada Street, get a bus to Bayfair and change to another bus to the Mount, with waiting time up to 20 minutes.

What was a trip of 25 minutes is now at least 45 minutes plus a longer walk to the bus stop.

Only the brain dead planners who devised it can call this an improved service. Bay of Plenty transport leader Rachel Pinn says 30 per cent of users will have shorter travelling times, but with typical bureaucratic omission she does not give the percentage of users who will have longer travelling times.

Along with a lot of other ex-users of what was a good Tauranga bus service, I will be getting back in my car to add to the traffic volume.

‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ is something that these so-called planners, with their limited vision, are quite incapable of seeing.

B Heys, Baypark.


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