Council put speed review on hold

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Western Bay of Plenty District Council has put on hold a review of speed limits on local roads, pending direction from the New Zealand Transport Agency on its State Highway 2 speed limit review.

Western Bay Mayor Garry Webber says it is frustrating to delay council’s review – but there is no point in going ahead until NZTA makes decisions on SH2.

“We have been waiting on the agency to make a decision. Originally the SH2 speed review was to have been done last year – and it would have timed in well with our review of local roads.

“But there is so much uncertainty around the agency’s timing that council has postponed our review,” says Garry.

Council had planned to review speed limits on all local roads in the district to bring them in line with the speed limits determined by NZTA on state highways – including the planned review for SH2 speed limits.

Meanwhile council is continuing with its other bylaw reviews on traffic and parking, animals (excluding dogs), public places, nuisances, cemeteries, trading in public places and its policies on gambling venues.

Proposals will be out for public consultation form March 18 until April 18 2019, based on feedback gained from the public during November-December 2018 on some of these topics.

Council has powers to make a range of bylaws to manage nuisances, offensive behaviour and public safety in the community.

There is a range of bylaws to regulate activities including dog control, freedom camping, alcohol bans, speed limits, parking, discharges to council’s wastewater system and protection of the community’s water supply sources.

Compliance with bylaws is monitored by council staff and/or the police and there are different penalties that apply for breaches – ranging from fines to court prosecution for serious breaches.

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Leave the speed limits alone

Posted on 24-02-2019 11:01 | By Bay Citizen

On the whole, we do not need lower speed limits. On SH2, accidents are not caused by people doing between 80 and 100. They are caused by those doing 140, or simple carelessness.

So Tired.......

Posted on 14-02-2019 19:51 | By groutby

.....put many excuses and so many excuses for drivers on our roads, it seems to have become ’normalised’ to make mistakes and being ’only’ human for doing so...excuses.....

don't you dare

Posted on 12-02-2019 18:35 | By So Tired

Don’t change the speed limits....idiots. The "safer speed zones" are a failure ... change it back. Any attempt to reduce the speed limit further will fail to save lives, so do not waste time and money. The things that need changing are drivers and driver education. Any attempt to reduce speed limits close in are are merely thinly veiled efforts to punish car drivers. Whilst I’m here I’ll also mention the shifting of pedestrian crossings CLOSER to intersections, the doubling up up of bus stops and the relocation of them CLOSER to intersections. Policy makers need to wake up, or step down.....idiots.

Pyes Pa speed

Posted on 12-02-2019 16:43 | By Kancho

Have asked several times for the speed limit be lowered on Pyes Pa road . The area has become much busier in the passed years. Speeding is common at 60 km many doing more than that. The shopping centre addition means horns blaring from people not slowing down when cars are entering and leaving the shops. Elderly crossing the road now the bus stop is only in one side of the road. Now Kennedy road has joined onto Pyes Pa road and additional housing sections being built on. And of course Aquinas college. Please lower the speed to a normal city road at 50 kph.


Posted on 12-02-2019 16:00 | By Thinker

Why reduce the speed limit on S H 2 as very rarely can the legal limit be reached as is. This morning at 8.15 crawled from Omokoroa. At times 20 kph or less.How can you reduce that??

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