Crash on SH2 near Whakamarama

Supplied photos.

A crash is causing delays on State Highway 2, near Whakamarama, this evening.

People have emailed SunLive advising us of a crash on the highway, near Barrett Road.

One person has said the fire service is in attendance and police have also been called to the scene,

Other people are reporting delays in the area.

"Make that major delays now going toward Katikati - backed up from Whakamarama back to Snodgrass Road intersection.

"It’s stop/go at the crash site, police and fire in attendance."

A police spokesperson says they received a report of a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of SH2 and Barrett Rd shortly after 6pm. 

"It appears there were two people in each of the vehicles and one person, a passenger, sustained moderate injuries. There is debris on the road and northbound traffic will be diverted. 

"Southbound traffic can move through."



Posted on 13-02-2019 19:12 | By Pete KELLY

don’t blame the road, don’t blame the vehicles, BLAME THE BLOODY STUPID DRIVERS who don’t pay attention.. I see it all the time, people on Cell Phones, tailgating, impatient dangerous drivers. Trouble is there’s no consequences, our fines etc are pathetic.


Posted on 08-02-2019 09:43 | By NJB

Looks like an ambulance to me! Why is everyone always so quick to jump to conclusions & incorrect assumptions about life on & around state highway 2 between Bethlehem & Katikati?

Russian roulette

Posted on 07-02-2019 20:52 | By comfortablynumb

Is that a Motorhome trying to overtake stationary traffic and crossing a double yellow line on a blind band ? The truck traveling in the opposite direction has had to pull right over to the left to avoid this moron. Unbelievable !


Posted on 07-02-2019 19:48 | By Thinker

There are plenty of skittles at this accident site but they do nothing to reduce crashes. Those that propose reducing the speed limit obviously do not use this highway or they would know its almost never possible to do legal limit at any time now.

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