A bit of fun with Tauranga crossings

Construction workers having a bit of fun on the new crossings on The Strand.

If you are driving in the CBD and think that your eyes are playing tricks on you, don’t worry they aren’t, it’s just the new 3D pedestrian crossings that are being painted.

Tauranga City Council Transportation Manager Martin Parkes says they are installing 3D pedestrian crossings in a busy pedestrian area in the city centre.

“The 3D graphics encourage drivers to slow down, as they are more visually engaging than a standard pedestrian crossing.

“They are also a bit of fun. The Strand is the perfect location as it already has speed humps and a temporary 30km/h speed limit.”

Three crossings have been installed so far.

Two more are being installed this week, with an additional two in February/March.


Oh dear...

Posted on 23-01-2019 06:27 | By simple.really

let’s see how many accidents these cause, especially with our elderly drivers! Watch out pedestrians!

Funny Ha Ha

Posted on 22-01-2019 19:10 | By Told you

Very funny spending ratepayers money on this bit of fun, when will this out of control council start realising that money doesn’t grow on trees, a complete waste of valuable resources.

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