Tourists served deportation notices at Burger King

A screengrab from the video posted on social media of a woman challenging the tourists for littering at Takapuna Beach. - Photo: Facebook/Krista Curnow

A group of unruly tourists is set to be deported after a series of ugly incidents and an "incident" at a Burger King.

Immigration officials said the visitors were served with notices rather than burgers when the police were called to the Hamilton fast-food franchise.

Police called to the burger restaurant on Monday say they were investigating a series of incidents involving the group across Auckland.

The movements of a group of tourists has attracted extensive coverage after a video was posted on social media of a woman challenging them for littering at Takapuna Beach.

Deportation liability notices can be issued to people on visitor visas on the grounds of such "character" problems.

A 26-year-old woman charged with theft was due to appear in the Hamilton District Court.



Posted on 16-01-2019 10:22 | By Slim Shady

So they’ve been aggressive, dumped trash and done a bit of petty robbing. I’ve seen tons of Kiwis do the same. They haven’t crashed yet so are least their driving is up to European standards. And I’ve heard they are very good at laying tarmac and re-roofing, which could be useful as honest Kiwi tradies are in short supply. Give them a chance.

Good Riddens!

Posted on 16-01-2019 09:19 | By N@

Well done NZ police, Immigration and public for defending kiwi values and morals! No money in the world can buy good manners and respect. I feel sorry for the child as his ’role models’ influence reflects in his behavior...

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