Wow, just wow!

Re: ‘Something is out of whack here’, The Weekend Sun, January 4, 2019. Many of us here in the Bay of Plenty have long suspected that Wellington is a different country and they do things differently there –even in 1967.

In the Sun’s last edition, letter writer A Bourne describes wages of $7 to $10 an hour and house prices of $4000 in Wellington in that year. Wow, just wow!

I remember 1967 quite well. Decimal currency had just arrived, I was newly married and my tradesman pay had just been lifted from 90c to 93c an hour.

This was very timely as we had just taken up a state advances loan to purchase a Beazley home and section package on Maungatapu Rd for $9750.

I agree – something is very out of whack here.

G Faulkner, Tauranga City.


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