Testing shows MDMA pills laced with bath salts

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A drug-testing group has issued a warning about a potentially-fatal drug concoction found in party pills over the New Year.

Know Your Stuff's managing director Wendy Allison says testing at five events found MDMA pills laced with bath salts.

She said large doses of the stimulant, known as N-ethylpentylone, have been linked to deaths overseas and hospitalisations in New Zealand.

"The biggest issue with it is that it is a stimulant so it will increase your heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature and in a festival environment where everyone is dancing these things can get elevated to a very dangerous level.

"The other thing is when you've taken an MDMA-sized dose of N-ethylpentylone you've actually taken three times more than the average active dose so you're already in potential-overdose territory."

Police Minister Stuart Nash has now signalled his support for drug testing tents at festivals, which currently sits in a legal grey area.

Ms Allison says festival drug testing reduces drug harm and could do more if it was able to operate openly.

"Ultimately we would like to see the Misuse of Drugs Act reviewed entirely but in the short term with regards to drug checking at festivals the thing we want to see is a change so that event organisers who get in services like ours are no longer criminalised."

She says testing saw thousands of dollars' worth of drugs destroyed last weekend because people were able to see what was really inside their pills.


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Excellent stuff Stuart Nash!!!

Posted on 10-01-2019 20:01 | By Bruja

How much more sensible to test drugs, show the ’owners’ what’s in them and stop them even taking them! Well done! Keeps our hospital beds freed up too plus none of the wasted time for police etc having to deal with the ’drugged up’ people. Just excellent! Ambulance at the top of the cliff instead of at the bottom. Intelligent as ever this brilliant government! LOVING your work! :)

Don't listen to the naysayers, go ahead

Posted on 04-01-2019 08:29 | By earlybird

and test the drugs. I’m sure that’s cheaper than medical care for poisoned victims. Better still, catch the pricks who are manufacturing and selling this stuff and stick them in prison for a looooong time - after they’ve been given a good dose of their own ’medicine’ of course.

Are you kidding me??

Posted on 03-01-2019 21:39 | By Lvdw

So, let me get this straight - you are using my tax money to test that ILLEGAL drugs don’t contain anything they shouldn’t and protecting the druggies.. Am I the only one that sees this as a slap in the face?? And before everyone climbs on the bank wagon, NZ Drug Foundation is propped up with government grants aka MY tax money. IMHO if you want to take illegal drugs, you must pay the price - whatever it may be. Stop legitimizing illegal drugs and condoning drug use for goodness sake!

Unbelievable attitude

Posted on 03-01-2019 15:47 | By Astoreth

Seems to me that there are more than a few who think that they “have to” take drugs to have a good time. Well, I disagree. And likewise I disagree with all the testing being suggested. Everyone knows drugs get cut by dealers to increase their margin. Everyone knows that most of them aren’t fussy about what they cut with. Everyone knows that you have no legal right to buy illegal drugs with impunity. If you are still dumb enough to take these drugs, you must accept the risk. Society as a whole will benefit from your absence.

If you

Posted on 03-01-2019 12:22 | By Merlin

If you need drugs to enjoy yourself you have a serious problem.

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