Viral video prompts police warning

A screenshot of the video on Facebook.

A truck driver’s video of some seriously questionable driving in New Zealand has gone viral on social media.

Michael Maunder’s video has received more than 1.3 million views.

In a post on the Waikato Police Facebook page, police have posted a warning to all drivers on New Zealand roads.

The dash-cam footage from Michael shows displays of some “absolutely horrific and appalling driving behaviours on our roads; some of which could have been deadly”.

“It’s time to stop being so impatient! It’s time to stop putting other people’s lives at risk! It’s time to stop taking such stupid risks for the sake of gaining a few minutes or seconds for that matter,” says the post from Waikato Police.

“Please....we want you here for Christmas. Your family and friends want you here.

“The last thing any of our team want to be doing in the lead up to Xmas (or any time for that matter) is notifying your family and friends that you won’t be with them anymore.”

If you are holding up traffic; please show some courtesy and pull over to let vehicles pass, police ask.

“If you are getting frustrated because you are being held up, take a long deep breath and just whoooosaaaa for moment.

“Most of all, enjoy the journey - we have some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. We drive through some amazing places in this place we call home. Just enjoy the road trip, respect the roads, and respect your vehicles.”

No Passing Lines

On some sections of road there will be a solid yellow line painted on your side of the centre line. This line is called a no-passing line.

No-passing lines are usually there because it's unsafe to cross the centre line to pass, because features like hills and curves make it impossible to see if there is oncoming traffic.

Sometimes no-passing lines are marked because:

there is already a passing lane on your side of the road and you must use that to pass
the road is multi-laned, so you do not need to cross the no-passing line to pass.
You must not pass another motor vehicle if it means you have to cross over a no-passing line on your side of the centre line.

If you see a dashed yellow line on your side of the centre line, that means that a no-passing line is about to start.

For more info:…/

Watch the video here.





Nows the time

Posted on 17-12-2018 19:08 | By Accountable

For plain coloured traffic enforcement cars on our highways and byways. Their main focus will be to observe and apprehend without the hindrance of a vehicle that obviously looks like a police vehicle. From my experience speed alone is not a major problem but we have all encountered the poor driving seen in this video and as we read every day more cars are colliding with other vehicles and in particular trucks because of this attitude to other vehicles.

Frightening and saddening.

Posted on 17-12-2018 14:15 | By morepork

People caught doing these things should be made to attend road accidents, (on call by emergency services... with contempt of Court if they fail to turn up) for a period of one month. If they actually saw the carnage and heartbreak their impatience and selfishness makes for others to have to clean up, it might get the message home. Cars are lethal weapons, and the most dangerous part of a car is the nut behind the wheel.


Posted on 17-12-2018 09:35 | By Ben Dover

This is horrific! I have driven in nearly every Country in the world and I can honestly say that, in general, kiwi drivers are the most idiotic and dangerous motorists I have ever seen. More Policing needed to get some of these morons off the roads!

That video

Posted on 17-12-2018 09:20 | By nerak

is a sickening watch. What is it with people behind a wheel? Oh, I know, it’s call infrontinitis. Always gotta be the lead idiot. Gotta get there. Couldn’t be bothered leaving a bit earlier thus driving more safely. And some have the stupidity to blame truckies...! They’re the least of our worries.

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