’Silliness’ looms for Christmas stockings

Yellies – toy spiders that respond to your voice – are a hot trend internationally this year.

Kiwi kids can expect new twists on recent toy favourites and “downright silliness” in their Christmas stockings this year, according to Trade Me.

Trade Me’s Millie Silvester says popular searches, combined with national and international trends, have been used to predict what will be making New Zealand children smile when they unwrap their gifts on December 25.

“This year’s list was a mixture of new twists on recent favourites and downright silliness,” says Millie.

“Wildly popular toys from the last few years, like FurReal Friends, L.O.L Surprise Dolls, Nerf blasters and Hatchimals have all evolved this year and we think they’ll remain irresistible to kids, parents and Santa.

“We’re also seeing some very weird and pretty annoying presents like Chow Crown, Yellies and Don’t Step In It becoming very popular.”

Yellies are cute little furry spiders that respond to your voice – and the louder you scream, the faster they go.

Chow Crown is a game where players have to try and eat snacks before the music ends, and Don’t Step In It is a game where players try not to step in poo as they walk along a mat blindfolded.

Last Christmas, L.O.L Surprise Dolls appeared on Trade Me for almost double their retail price after selling out around the country.

“They’ve had a reboot with a bigger surprise capsule containing over 60 mystery surprises,” says Millie. “Kids are challenged to look for secret clues to uncover, unwrap and locate each new item.”

Hatchimals made the list for a third consecutive year. “Last year it was Twin Hatchimals, but this year Hatchimals Mystery is the hot new edition.”

Hasbro’s Nerf Blaster has escalated into Nerf Laser Ops this year – an updated version of laser tag where you can download the app and keep score of previous games.


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