Primary teacher strikes to go ahead

In August, teachers and principals marched to push for a better deal from the Ministry of Education in Auckland. Photo: RNZ / Dan Cook

A last-ditch offer from the Education Ministry has failed to avert next week's strikes by primary teachers and principals.

New Zealand Education Institute president Lynda Stuart said the Ministry made the offer yesterday afternoon after a week of bargaining facilitated by the Employment Relations Authority.

She says it removed the $63,929 upper limit on pay rates for teachers with diplomas and moved it to $82,992 by 2020, the same top rate as teachers with degrees.

The top rate for those with graduate diplomas and masters degrees would rise to $85,481 by 2020.

Lynda says its members would discuss the offer and vote later this month on whether to accept or reject it.

Secretary for Education Iona Holsted says the revised offer was worth $698 million over four years.

"That's an increase of $129 million from the previous offer. It means that most teachers would get between $9500 - $11,000 extra annually in their pay packets by 2020. The offer also provides for additional progression on the pay scale," she says.

Lynda says the offer also took into account the government's recent announcement of $217m over four years for 600 new learning support coordinator roles, which the NZEI had asked for.

"We expected the NZEI executive would have waited for the recommendations of the facilitator and given its members an opportunity to properly consider our new pay offer before deciding to go ahead with strikes."

The union's members in Auckland are set to strike on Monday, followed by those in other parts of the country throughout next week.


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You have lost me

Posted on 10-11-2018 17:28 | By astex

Sorry teachers, two weeks ago you had my full support but now you have lost it completely. You now have a very good offer and the government are taking action to address shortages. What more do you want? An increase of $200 per week for working approximately 6 hours a day with 12 weeks leave plus teacher only days. Parents need to now go on strike in protest by picking a day when they keep kids at home meaning you can have a day at home without pay. You are now acting more childishly than those you each. The least you could do if you really care about the kids is postpone the strike.

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