New city centre speed limit in place from Monday

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The city centre’s new 30km/h speed limit starts this Monday 29 October, 2018.

The speed limit will apply between First Avenue and McLean Street, and between Cameron Road and the waterfront. Cameron Road will remain at 50km/h.

The introduction of a temporary speed limit is a result of the significant growth and development occurring in the city centre.

Tauranga City Council is creating one consistent speed limit to help simplify construction sign requirements and to keep things simple for people who are driving and safer for people who are walking and biking.

The 30km/h speed will run as a trial for the first year, and then Council will review. The trial has been approved under the code of practice for temporary traffic management. If the change is to be made permanent, there will be a formal consultation process.

A permanent 30km/h speed limit has been successful in Mount Maunganui and other city centres including Auckland and Christchurch.

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Most drivers

Posted on 29-10-2018 16:08 | By earlybird

probably drive at around 30kph in this area already except for Durham Street - when it’s not blocked that is.


Posted on 29-10-2018 09:06 | By DJBP

Another reason to not shop in town. Not that you can do more than 20kph through there anyway!

No chance

Posted on 28-10-2018 17:32 | By Slim Shady

Getting Kiwis to slow down to 30kph? Good luck with that.


Posted on 28-10-2018 16:01 | By dumbkof2

so everyone will be doing 50 now instead of 60 to 70

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