Police making enquiries following Papamoa pursuit

File photo.

Update 6.25pm - Police are making enquiries following a pursuit near Papamoa.

A police media spokesperson says the pursuit was initiated just before 6pm.

"A reported stolen vehicle failed to stop for Police on Papamoa Beach Rd about 5.50pm.

"Police followed, however abandoned a couple of minutes later because of the manner of the driving.

"Police are making inquiries."


Reports are coming in about a pursuit near Papamoa.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says he witnessed a small white car being pursued by a number of police officers near his property on Sunrise Avenue.

"It looks like they are chasing a white car, possibly a Toyota Corolla.

"One police car came down my street and there were another three at the end of the street that turned around."

SunLive has contacted police and will bring more information when it becomes available.

At the scene?

Call 0800 SUNLIVE or email photos to newsroom@thesun.co.nz



Posted on 04-10-2018 13:01 | By Carlos spicywiener

Police don’t abandon chases ,they got away,simple as that ,so why say they abandon when they did not?


Posted on 03-10-2018 20:29 | By overit

Thats about four in the last few days. Is this what "schoolies" do over the holidays? Seriously this youth offending needs to be addressed.Risking other peoples lives and stealing good folks cars.

A Corolla??...

Posted on 03-10-2018 20:29 | By groutby

...and at least four cop cars?.. what is there left to say :)

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