Thousands to boycott NZ petrol stations

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A nationwide strike is set to take place at fuel stations throughout the country later this month.
The strike will mean no petrol station is entered on October 26.

On the strike’s Facebook event listing, organisers say the action is a way of taking a stand against the New Zealand petrol industry.
“These increases are affecting all of us, for some the impact is immediate for others longer term.
“The government and the big petrol companies both have the power to do something about this.
This event is about standing united against these unjustified increases.
”More than 5000 have confirmed their participation in the strike, and a further 8000 have expressed interest.
“Many have suggested this is not enough, but it is a start and with more than 7000 interested it will make an impact.
“If you are able to, please also consider refraining from entering a petrol station all of the weekend. But definitely no petrol on the event date.
“Suggestions have also been to boycott certain petrol companies, this can be done following on from this event, in the meantime consider looking around and purchasing petrol only from the lowest priced station in your vicinity if able, this will also help.”
“Thank-you for supporting this event, ‘the power of people united, is stronger than the people in power’
“Let's all take a stand together.”


Ha ha,

Posted on 12-10-2018 07:25 | By CC8

The best form of defence is attack ....right? So the best response the gas companies could have to this would be close all the gas pumps for the two days either side the boycott. ... oh yeah and take a day off on the day of the boycott as well!!

How will this make a difference

Posted on 04-10-2018 16:45 | By earlybird

because you’ll still use the same amount of fuel but just fill up on a different day. If you REALLY want to make a point stop using your car and catch the bus for a few days. That way the oil companies will sell less fuel - otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

I agree with the sentiment....

Posted on 03-10-2018 20:35 | By groutby

.....but sadly for me my employer uses BP....always...ALWAYS... mediocre service and have to queue behind those wanting ANYTHING other than gas !...they do not give a rats arse...service?..what?


Posted on 03-10-2018 18:25 | By usandthem

pick on Gull when they are always cheaper than all of the other companys?It would have more of an affect if a week long boycott on one company at a time was held.I have personally boycotted BP for the last 10 years.

Wrong Target

Posted on 03-10-2018 17:17 | By tabatha

The target is the government sucking so much in taxes from fuel, not the petrol giants. Also we are controlled by the USA with barrel prices.

Would it not be more viable!

Posted on 03-10-2018 15:54 | By leighmac

Better to target 1 brand for a whole week!, then target another brand the next week. That would get the attention of the Fuel Company Boses.

It's not rocket science

Posted on 03-10-2018 15:45 | By astex

If all motorists got their fuel at the lowest price stations the others would have to compete. Kiwis need to understand people power. The Aussies are complaining about high prices at $1.60. Gull is always the cheapest so use them. Oh, and contrary to the rumours, they import petrol that is better than the rest.


Posted on 03-10-2018 14:26 | By hapukafin

Keep your support for Gull ,they are consistantly cheaper than any other brand and make motoring more achievable.

Local Too

Posted on 03-10-2018 13:45 | By Kenworthlogger

Can you please explain why Gull can be constantly 20 cents cheaper a litre than BP? Please explain why BP would not be at fault?

They will

Posted on 03-10-2018 13:28 | By Merlin

They will get their petrol the day before or after and I doubt this will affect the petrol companies massive profits or the government.


Posted on 03-10-2018 12:56 | By mlow

And about time Kiwis! You all should have done this a long time ago! People power - works! The companies and the govt taxing and gouging your hard earned dollar dont have to manage a budget that shrinks on a daily basis!

Oil companies don't care, nor does the government

Posted on 03-10-2018 12:39 | By CC8

It will not affect the oil companies as some will gas up the day before, to make sure they make it through the weekend, and others will scratch through and then gas up on Monday, the net result will be the same or close to it , as far as the the actual amounts of fuel sold . What the organisers do not appreciate , from the government’s perspective it will be a win..... the rise in oil prices is designed to stop people buying oil, use public transport or walk, and buy electric cars.....flawed as that is , it will be seen as a victory by the powers that be.

Govt Taxes

Posted on 03-10-2018 12:25 | By Local Too

Its not the fault of the petrol companies its the fault of this current govt adding more taxes, oh and plus GST.

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