Second crash near Barkes Corner

Another car has crashed. Supplied image.

Reports are coming in about another crash on Barkes Corner.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says it happened at about 10.40am.

"This is a different accident to the one that happened here earlier this morning."

The crash follows another which happened at the intersection around 9.30am.

Three cars were involved in the crash earlier this morning and no one was injured.


grobertson...with respect...........

Posted on 23-09-2018 19:35 | By groutby

........the last place (sadly) to to to get "common sense" taught is the "UNI"...used to happen at home with Mum and Dad, (or either) not goin’ to happen mate and since June 2007 is only going to get real, real bad ...(yup..."anti- smacking" law passed and happening) need to care now, no consequenses...the law will fix it !@...


Posted on 20-09-2018 19:09 | By usandthem

If the green light does not mean go then why put the bloody thing there in the first place? The give way that is there means just that,GIVE WAY.

Someone needs sacking.

Posted on 20-09-2018 18:55 | By grobertson

Unbelievable setup for traffic lights. What bright spark designed this utter foolish setup? Need to go back to Uni and get taught common sense.

It had to happen

Posted on 20-09-2018 16:57 | By Dino

three days people...three days is all it took you!! A green light does not mean go like the clappers at the roundabout - its means its safe to advance and normal give way rules apply once you get to the roundabout!!! Just show some patience and a bot of old fashioned courtesy, you will be surprised at how rewarding it is.....

Agree Hapukafin

Posted on 20-09-2018 16:53 | By Kenworthlogger

It’s the same In Manitoba.... I also can’t see it working here...


Posted on 20-09-2018 15:56 | By Slim Shady

Same in USA at crossroads where you stop, then go on your turn. Sounds daft as it relies on manners, sense and not driving like an idiot, but seems to work well. Don’t suggest they try it here. NZ traffic management designers need to keep things very SIMPLE for Kiwis. This set up is a bridge too far.


Posted on 20-09-2018 15:21 | By usandthem

Went through these lights on Wednesday going from Mount to Hamilton.Got to top of hill and had green light,however i was also on a give way .I told my wife that this setup will cause accidents and i seem to be right.Whoever the clown was who came up with this mess needs to look for another job as it is totally confusing.You don’t see this sort of thing anywhere else but then again this is Tauranga.

Start again!!

Posted on 20-09-2018 13:57 | By The Professor

I believe the time has come for ALL Kiwi’s to hand their licences in and to have to start again from scratch.........driving tuition then the testing and licencing system!!!

Slim Shady

Posted on 20-09-2018 13:33 | By hapukafin

In Quebec a lot of the intersection in or out of the city is controlled by compulsory stops.As long as every driver respects the first driver that stops the intersection is always flowing smoothly without long ques.Cant see drivers here making it work.

No Green Lights

Posted on 20-09-2018 13:08 | By MummaBear

I live in Pyes Pa and am very concerned about the new traffic lights. While they are making a difference to exiting Pyes Pa Road is it possible to have the green lights removed and only have the red ones. I think for visitors to see a green light they will think they have the right of way at the round about just like at welcome Bay 2 roundabouts away and not follow give way cautions. To have only the red lights would allow the roads with the green signal to proceed using give way rules but not be at risk of danger.

Come on Kiwis

Posted on 20-09-2018 11:50 | By Slim Shady

I know you can master this new set up.


Posted on 20-09-2018 11:47 | By Slim Shady

Just missed out on first prize. Find another new set up and go for gold.


Posted on 20-09-2018 11:18 | By Slim Shady

Well I did say that Kiwis struggle with roundabouts, giving way and stopping at lights at the best of times, so I rightly predicted this new set up would result in crashes. You haven’t disappointed.


Posted on 20-09-2018 11:17 | By hapukafin

Drive with your headlights on.It is recommended for motor cycles,European countries and US states also, recommend it(compulsory) in some places,but not supported by our AA.

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