Driver’s lucky escape from harrowing crash

The vehicle crashed through a farm fence and over a cattle tunnel.

A driver is lucky to escape a crash with only a sprained ankle after a wooden fence smashed through the windscreen and brushed the side of the driver’s face.

The vehicle crashed near Te Aroha yesterday, and police are sharing a crash photo on Facebook in the hopes of making people think twice and potentially save someone’s life.

“We can only try,” says Constable John Keoghan, who attended the crash.

The driver who only recently purchased the car on Friday.

John says they had never owned or operated a turbo, high performance vehicle before.

He says the owner had saved up for a while and it was their dream car.
“As they left Te Aroha the gears were changed at high revs on a slightly wet road. The back wheels spun out and control was lost.

“As you can see the car went through a farm fence and over the cattle tunnel.”
Police are asking people to think about their driving and drive to the road conditions.

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Its not SH2, but

Posted on 20-09-2018 18:16 | By Centurion

shall we blame the road for this one or the inexperienced driver in a high performance vehicle? Cut it any way you like, the fact remains that, unless its a blow-out or a sudden mechanical failure, drivers do not lose control of their vehicles when they drive according to prevailing road conditions.

he booted it

Posted on 20-09-2018 11:20 | By hapukafin

Auto trans dont kick down unless you boot it and for it to wheel spin out of control.Pull my other leg

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