No injuries in Barkes Corner crash

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Update 10.40am- No one has been injured following a crash near Barkes Corner.

A police media spokesperson says the three car crash happened just after 9.30am.

"Police were called to the scene of the crash on State Highway 29 and Cameron road at 9.38am.

"There were no injuries."


Reports are coming in about a three car crash near Barkes Corner.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news room says one car is blocking the road.

"This has happened on the corner of State Highway 29 and Cameron Road.

"One car is blocking the road and another two vehicles are on the roundabout."


A matter of time

Posted on 20-09-2018 18:53 | By grobertson

After driving through the Barkes Corner intersection on Monday to check out the new traffic lights I was left dumbfounded but not surprised at the stupidity of the setup. While there are signs informing about the lights on approach one doesn’t really get time to read them and looking at a green light gives the impression that all is safe to proceed around the round-about. Why weren’t the lights set up as at Welcome Bay roundabouts.


Posted on 20-09-2018 13:48 | By Carlos spicywiener

Maybe better to remove the grass center and have a normal traffic light intersection,

I Spy

Posted on 20-09-2018 13:38 | By Tauranga Local

Unless I’m mistaken, that little silver car is a Smith & Boyle Panel Beaters courtesy vehicle. Perhaps the driver just likes to get involved in accidents.

Traffic Lights Confusion?

Posted on 20-09-2018 12:52 | By Bill Gibson-Patmore

Hi, SunLive... Are you able to make enquiries about and report on the circumstances of these crashes? ... It is noted that ’part-sets’ of traffic lights were installed on this roundabout this week. ... Despite the standard existence of a "giving way rule or signage’", it does seem logical to many folk that GREEN LIGHT means GO. ... But not necessarily on this new system. ... Bill

Panelbeaters hail traffic lights huge success

Posted on 20-09-2018 12:06 | By Incendiary

What an interesting twist to add lights to roundabouts as a stimulus package for struggling panelbeaters, especially with the trend to larger accidents writing off cars. Enough of the tinkering and tweaking NZTA and TCC just fix the bl**dy roads

You've been framed

Posted on 20-09-2018 11:48 | By Slim Shady

Congratulations to the designer of this new set up. The prank is producing some great laughs.

What took so long?

Posted on 20-09-2018 11:19 | By Slim Shady

I thought they switched on these lights on Monday. I can’t believe it took some Kiwis 3 days to crash. They must be getting better.

No surprise

Posted on 20-09-2018 10:47 | By waiknot

When 2 lots of motorists get green lights at the same time??

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