Woman loses more than $30k to ’parasite’ scammers

An Indian woman facing deportation wants justice served on the men she says took more than $30,000 from her in return for work visas for jobs that did not exist.

Damanpreet Kaur told RNZ she was depressed and had provided Immigration New Zealand with details of her allegations in hope it will allow her to stay in the country.

Her immigration adviser, Tuariki Delamere, urged the government to crack down on the group, who he described as "parasites".

Damanpreet says she paid two Tauranga men more than $18,000 for a work visa and job last year, and later paid a Hamilton man $15,000 for a visa and job.

In both cases, Damanpreet received a two-year work visa that restricted her to employment by the company named on the visa, but found there was no job.

RNZ first interviewed Damanpreet about her situation in February and though she shared secret recordings of the men who scammed her she was not ready to go public.

Now she has sent the Associate Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi a statement detailing the allegations, as well as bank statements showing payments to the two Tauranga men and to a company where the Hamilton man was a director, as well as cash withdrawals she says were later given to the men.

The Tauranga men have denied the allegations, but the Hamilton man has not returned repeated phone calls from RNZ.

Damanpreet says Immigration New Zealand had told her she could be served with a deportation notice because she was not working for the company specified on her current two-year work visa.

She says she was surviving by depending on money from her parents in India and support from her friends in New Zealand, but her parents would not support her if she returned to India.

"I'm in depression now."

Damanpreet hopes someone would help her get her money back and that Immigration New Zealand would change her visa to an open work visa.

She understands that she had broken Immigration rules by paying for a job, but had found it too hard to find work in the same field that she had studied, she says.

"It's my mistake, I apologise about my mistake. But I need one chance, last one chance from Immigration."

Mr Delamere said it was unusual for someone in Ms Kaur's position to have bank records showing payments to the people who had defrauded her.

He had contacted Immigration New Zealand and encouraged them to use the evidence to investigate those involved, he said.

"The real problem is getting and stopping these people who exploit everybody. They are parasites on New Zealand.

"Here she's got the evidence, so let's use her and go after these people and prosecute them to the maximum extent of the law," he said.

Tuariki says he understands some of the people who had taken Damanpreet's money were permanent residents or citizens and he wanted a law change so their right to live in New Zealand could be revoked.

"That's how you'll stop it, these people won't risk their right to stay in New Zealand."


A really bad result.

Posted on 21-09-2018 09:47 | By morepork

People who make a living scamming others need to be brought to account. But people who are prepared to pay graft to get what they want, also need to realize that that is not the kind of society we are trying to build here. Instead of going into depression this lady needs to step up and take responsibility for her own condition. Why would she expect her mother in India to support her and how is it the fault of NZ if she can’t? The world does not owe any of us a living. If you break the rules there are consequences.

No Sympathy

Posted on 20-09-2018 10:47 | By N@

Absolutely not! Kick her out of the country! Sorry about your financial loss but why are you even surprised or shocked? That is what you get for dealing with criminals in the first place! she is not a victim here but exactly the same kind of criminal as the people she dealt with! NZ wont be safe anymore if we let all of these criminals in!

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