Protesters march on Wairoa Bridge

Photos and video by Cameron Avery

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Protesters from the Fix the Bloody Road Group closed the Wairoa Bridge to motorists as they march across the bridge in protest of the road needing to be fixed.

Protesters closed the road from 3pm on Sunday September 16,  with the protest across the bridge lasting for 30 minutes.

Spokesman Matthew Farrell says the Fix team is pushing for a fast-track decision on major State Highway 2 corridor capacity projects including the Tauranga Northern Link to Francis Road, the Katikati urban bypass and improvements to blackspot intersections from Te Puna to Omokoroa.

“Safety works from Waihi to Pahoia were confirmed in August after six months of campaigning.

“The group will also be calling for a moratorium on further housing development planned by the SmartGrowth partners Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council.

“An open letter will be circulated among groups, organistions and corparte entities to sign, with several already stating a verbal intention to support the push for a central government infrastructure catch-up,” says Matthew.



Posted on 17-09-2018 13:54 | By Maori_boi

Nothing is wrong with the road . It’s always been driver error the crashes .and who does Simon think he is. He cares about the bay and finally wants to help with the road.... Wasn’t he the transport minister when national was in gov. Makes me so sick he cares now . Just because labour is in gov...

Emotional all right

Posted on 17-09-2018 09:11 | By nerak

As is the appalling reply from one of their ’team’ on their face book page to someone who doesn’t agree with them, "...You obviously need to read more though I suspect too many head injuries make this difficult for you." Puts them in a very bad light, does it not? If I was one of their crew I would be greatly embarrassed. The best road in the world will not prevent bad drivers from causing accidents.

Yeah right

Posted on 16-09-2018 22:46 | By smurf

Does anyone else get sick of reading about this rubbish. The road has been there forever and a day. Drive to the conditions, put your phones down, don’t drive if you have consumed alcohol or drugs etc. How many of the "fatal" accidents have been caused by the above and how many have been ’Medical events’. Perhaps if the Police published this information it might shut some of the protesters up. Changing the road is not going to change the attitudes of the idiots that drive on it!!! Nor will it reduce fatalities.

roads are free

Posted on 16-09-2018 21:23 | By Carlos spicywiener

Round 40 km of road they want to make highway over that undulating terrain? Far too expensive

If..and just sayin' IF...

Posted on 16-09-2018 18:50 | By groutby

..we are to believe the Sunlive poll and get an indication of what locals are thinking, then just 20% believe the road is 100% of the issue...20% appear to say drivers are 100% of the issue, with the remaining 60% saying yup the road needs to be upgraded, but we (drivers) need to step what makes some think that upgrading the road (whatever that entails) is going to make a difference if there is no driver attitude/skill change?....and...if agreed change is needed, how do we do it?


Posted on 16-09-2018 16:27 | By dumbkof2

i am going to have a protest march and block the bridge next week. anybody like to join me. dont worry you wont get arrested, but you will inconvience a hell of a lot of people though

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