Thieves nick Te Puna Quarry equipment

Volunteers at the Te Puna Quarry Park have been left devastated after their equipment got stolen over the weekend.

Volunteers at the Te Puna Quarry Park are disgusted after finding their equipment has been stolen.

The discovery was made on Monday morning, when some of the volunteers turned up to start maintenance work on the park.

A big list of things has been taken including a Suzuki mini truck, a ride on mower, a chipper, a concrete mixer, a trailer, three chainsaws, three weed eaters and a bunch of different tools.

Jo Dawkins, who has been volunteering since the park opened, says this is a major setback. 

“The volunteers are devastated that this has happened. It makes everything harder to make all the tracks and paths usable.

“We used to use the truck to get around but now everyone is having to use their vehicles.”

The police have already been up to the park and have taken finger prints but Jo says that the police reckon that gloves were used.

“It was forced entry as the door on the side of the shed has been jammed about.”

Te Puna Quarry Park President Ian Cross says it would be great if members of the public could keep an eye out for any of these stolen items.

Te Puna Quarry Park have a givealittle page set up, usually for those to donate after visiting the park if they don’t have any cash on them.

Now the volunteers of the park are asking people to donate so they can buy new equipment so the park can stay maintained.


CLEARLY there are

Posted on 28-08-2018 21:23 | By The Caveman

They knew what they were going to get before they even got there - it was a WELL PLANED JOB . Perhaps its time for the "local community trusts" to come to the party and put up some grants to PROTECT the property/resources of the likes of Te Puna Quarry Park Trust. All that is needed in this case is a few high quality motion activated HIDDEN night vision cameras - on the driveway, catching both in and out vehicles, and another three or four quality motion activated HIDDEN cameras around their sheds etc. Come on TRUSTPOWER - you claim to be all for the LOCAL community!! FRONT UP the $2500 needed for the - sadly - now necessary cameras.

Te Puna Quarry

Posted on 28-08-2018 16:40 | By Waylon

Oxygen wasters !

come on community

Posted on 28-08-2018 14:53 | By stokey

All this gear gone. These scumbags must have used a truck and have been seen by someone out there. Lets all do our bit and find these mongrels. Talk to your mates at the pub - you wont find them at your church group or bridge club. Spread the word, we can find them!

Te Puna Quarry

Posted on 28-08-2018 13:27 | By Denny G

So the low-life’s trike again. I suppose if they are caught they will say they were abused when they were growing up and were deprived by their parents. They most likely will not have any income and will not be able to make reparation. They will have sold the items so that they can support their drug habit which is "Joe Public’s " fault.

no more wet bus tickets

Posted on 28-08-2018 12:17 | By hapukafin

Five years behind bars will be too short for these thieves

What miserable lowlife

Posted on 28-08-2018 12:11 | By SML

would steal from a place that gives so much joy to the community, all courtesy of the volunteers! Absolutely disgusting to hear about!

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