Illegal driving in Tauranga sparks safety reminder

Motorists driving in the wrong lane on State Highway 29a through a coned off work site. Photos: Todd MacLean.

Police are reminding drivers of the risks of unsafe driving, after reviewing still images of dangerous and illegal driving which has been filmed in Tauranga.

Todd MacLean, who filmed the incidents on Wednesday, has shared the stills with SunLive and police.

The images shows motorists driving in the wrong lane on State Highway 29a through a coned off work site.

“I’m horrified at the blatant stupidity and lack of patience from local drivers,” says Todd.

“There were many more than the ones I filmed today, whilst stationary and waiting for 15 minutes to move an inch.

“These people have driven through road cones blocking off a construction area then gone onto the wrong side of SH29a at Baypark roundabout and you still have cars coming head on, as people were still able to use other roads to go towards Tauranga.”

Mount Maunganui Community Constable Kurt Waugh says the incident highlights some key road safety messages.

“As well as being inconsiderate to other road users who are patiently waiting in the line of traffic it is potentially dangerous to road workers working within the coned area.

“The reason it’s coned off is to keep road workers safe while they work and also to protect motorists from Machinery operating within that area.

“Drivers who deliberately drive through coned off areas could potentially be charged with careless or even dangerous driving.”

He encourages members of public who witness unsafe driving to call *555 or visit their local police station and to complete a Community Road Watch form.

“It helps police if you can safely obtain a registration of the offending vehicle.”



As sad as it is..........

Posted on 19-07-2018 20:28 | By groutby will take a death or serious injury to maybe get some action to curb erratic and dangerous driving. Every day the driving standard continues to decrease, red light runners and inconsiderate (thick?) drivers in my opinion being the major issue. This happens because it is seen to have no consequences...and usually doesn’t. Police alone (with current resource) cannot and probably shouldn’t need to deal with minor issues, but until more enforcement of even basic road rules are enforced, the wild, wild west will flourish...

Active policing would be great

Posted on 19-07-2018 13:05 | By SML

especially at roundabouts and pedestrian crossings in Greerton. Elderly people nearly getting run down at crossings is an everyday occurance. My son and I also watched in horror on Tuesday afternoon as a woman came up from the Oropi Road/SH2 roundabout to the roundabout on Fraser Street/Chadwick road, talking on her cellphone, and drove right across the busy roundabout (peak time!) without actually looking where she was going! Someone is going to get killed....


Posted on 19-07-2018 12:10 | By phil55

Agree some motorists are absolutely on another planet sometimes. More immediate concern is those motorists who continuosly run AMBER and RED Lights all over town. And it is all ages of driver not one group.

No surprises there....

Posted on 19-07-2018 12:10 | By Border Patrol

..see dangerous and stupid driving multiple times every day. The only way to nip it in the bud is having an actual police presence on the roads.

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