No access to Turret Road via Hairini Street

Hairini Street. Photo: Google Maps.

Drivers who use the end of Hairini Street to get onto Turret Road will now have several minutes added to their morning commute, while the end of Hairini Street is temporarily closed. 

Tauranga City Council and the NZ Transport Agency have been monitoring the temporary stop at the end of Hairini Street.

Due to concerns about drivers' safety, Tauranga City Council say access onto Turret Road from the end of Hairini Street will be closed from early Monday morning, prior to peak traffic.

"If you are driving onto Turret Road you will need to go via the Maungatapu roundabout on-ramp instead of down Hairini Street," says Tauranga City Council.

"The end of Hairini Street will remain closed for the next few weeks while the new link road and bus lane is being completed."

The Hairini Street bus stop will also be closed. For the next few weeks people will need to use the bus stop at Greenwood Park on Welcome Bay Road.

Tauranga City Council and NZ Transport Agency apologise for the inconvenience.

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Facts and Welcome Bay priority WTF

Posted on 24-06-2018 19:51 | By Incendiary

FYI the underpass was never about saving WBay/Ohauiti commuters time and travelling, more about getting commuter traffic off the highway. NZTA have always wanted the Hairini slipway closed and the Ohauiti traffic pushed down to the welcome bay/hammond street lights. The stop intersection at Hairini was set up to to fail...NO surprise the road is being closed!!! NO improvement to the welcome bay residents as the same amount of vehicles have to then merge or wait at the lights. Get a bus ticket as the only vehicles going the Hairini will be busses. AND will takeabout a month to get the right hand turn at the intersection at Ohauiti rd realigned. and about 4 years to get turret road modified and that does not include a four lane bridge. Im shifting good luck to the rest of you.

The mind boggles

Posted on 24-06-2018 15:40 | By Taffy

Here we are after how long since this project started and the powers that be still can,t get it right. What a farce that Hairini Street exit was,that stop sign,talk about an accident waiting to happen and as for putting a Bus Lane down the left side ,two,three or even four lanes does not go into one lane across the bridge traffic will be banked back through to Welcome Bay Road.Why didn,t they organise this weeks ago? Oh I forgot that requires people who can think !!!!

Wow, Wow, Wow!

Posted on 24-06-2018 12:05 | By Lvdw

So someone in planning or council thought it would be a great idea to put a STOP STREET on a BLIND CORNER.... and are now surprised that it is a danger. I shake my head on a weekly basis when I see the stuff that the planners/councils come up with. Does nobody use logic anymore? Does nobody think about things for more than 5 seconds before rushing to spend millions of tax payers dollars? Has anyone realized how dangerous the lack of road markings on the new sections of this road are as well? To pedestrians, cyclists and cars. The poor school kids are now having to navigate through inadequate signage! Seriously, the people involved in this project should ALL be made to walk, cycle AND drive these roads when they open them up. Perhaps they will think twice on their next project.


Posted on 24-06-2018 08:46 | By dumbkof2

great news. will stop the selfish rat runners

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