Car hits barrier near Chapel St

The scene of the crash. Photo: Nikki South.

Mechanical difficulties are described as being the reason behind a crash near Chapel St.

A witness at the scene says it happened just before 10am.

"A car has hit the barrier at the intersection near the set of lights"

She says the driver of the vehicle claimed it was due to brake failure.

“I got out to make sure they were okay and the woman driving the vehicle said her brakes had failed on her.”

The witness says it was a near-miss collision with a four-wheel drive in front of the vehicle.

“The woman driving the four-wheel drive had her two babies in the car too so it was a lucky miss.”

SunLive has contacted police and will bring updated information as it becomes available.


Yeh naw

Posted on 21-06-2018 12:54 | By Craven Moorehead

Of course it was. And steering too? Maybe the sun?

Where was the Warrant of Fitness

Posted on 21-06-2018 12:35 | By The Sage

Hopefully the car will be checked to see if the brakes did fail. Maybe another case of Driver inattention ?

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