Seal spotted on Takitimu Drive

Photo: Bridget Mcgowan.

How did the seal safely cross the road? Because many people stopped to let it waddle by.

Regular commuters of Takitimu Drive may have spotted a fur seal trying to cross the road, near the new walking bridge this afternoon.

A SunLive reader says several people parked up their cars to take a closer look.

“At first the seal went down the bank where it couldn’t be seen, then came back across the road.

“The seal managed to cross the road safely back to the paddocks.”

The Department of Conservation website states that from July to September each year there’s an influx in adolescent seals appearing on our shores and further inland. This is because seal pups begin to wean as their mothers prepare for new pups.

DOC recommends that on finding a New Zealand fur seal it’s usually best to leave it alone, however, there are exceptions.

DOC takes a ‘hands off’ approach to seals. Seals are capable and resilient and given time and space, they usually find their way home.

Seals are wild animals and will defend themselves if they feel threatened. Adult seals can move surprisingly quickly on land. While they can look harmless, seals can inflict serious injuries to dogs or people and can carry infectious diseases.

More information on seals and what to do if you come across one can be found on the Department of Conservation website

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For not supposed to getting close....

Posted on 13-06-2018 19:46 | By GreertonBoy

Those people obviously don’t believe that applies to them? Why don’t the wildlife dudes toss it a nice big fat fish full of seal valium, when the seal has the resulting snooze.... pick it up and take it to where seals normally hang around... (and make sure it wakes up of course). I worry it will get hit by a car, especially at night


Posted on 12-06-2018 20:59 | By The Caveman

How about DOC do what overseas authorities do in similar circumstances - get in, catch the "problem" and then release it back into a suitable location - in this case the ocean beach at the Mount. It has clearly lost its way, given it has been in the area of creeks, drains and mudflats for a week.

They dont listen

Posted on 12-06-2018 18:22 | By Bradswife

So despite DOC saying dont stress them out by approaching them and how dangerous these can get if threatened people still walk on up to them and get to close......

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