Children on board with public transport

What’s that? Excited when he spotted something on the journey from Natures Cove to their concert, Oscar points out his findings to Lydia-Rose (behind him) and teacher Michelle, while Isen and Jaxon watch on. Supplied photos.

A trip on the yellow Bayhopper bus always proves to be a fun way to get out and about for the children and teachers of Natures Cove Preschool on Millers Road.

“Being able to use the buses provides an easy way to get the children out and about to various areas along with connecting links within our local community,” says centre manager Alicia Evans.

On this particular trip the teachers and children are using the Bayhopper to travel from their centre in Millers Road to their partner centre on Ngatai Road where the 28 children and teachers were attending a Te Reo sing-along show.

“The children are always excited when they know they’re going on the yellow bus, it also provides them with experience and skills of catching the bus. It’s definitely better for the environment for us to be using the buses for our local excursions, it also means we can spontaneously get out and about.”

Bay of Plenty Regional Councillor Lyall Thurston says he loved hearing about the adventure the children had had on the bus, and hopes it helped to set them up for future travels on public transport as they progress through their school life.

“It’s terrific to hear about any way that people are helping to make public transport more familiar for children.”

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mostly nearly empty

Posted on 05-06-2018 14:05 | By Captain Sensible

I have seen eight buses in my travels this morning. Passenger numbers; 0, 3, 1, 1, 2, 1, 6, 2. Never seen so many near empty buses zooming around pretending to be useful.

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