Rena: bracing for the worst

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges is urging the community to prepare for the worst as Rena buckles in the storm and calls for volunteer help fall on deaf ears.

A storm with 3m swell, expected to rise to 5m this evening when winds of about 35 knots blow, has buckled Rena’s hull – new damage to the vessel stranded on the Astrolabe Reef since October 5.

The storm is threatening to break the ship in two, an act which could see containers drop into the sea and more oil leak.

Simon says although there are about 7500 registered volunteers, there has been difficulty in the last week in getting people to turn up to do the work once contacted.

He says the Rena response effort needs the full support of the volunteers more now than before and hopes the community will respond as is needed.

Rena Contact Numbers

General queries – 0800 OIL SPILL

Wildlife response – 0800 333 771

Public health queries – 0800 611 116

Iwi liaison – 0800 AWHI ME (0800 294 463)


See you down there

Posted on 02-11-2011 00:43 | By KiwiSteve

Simon! You bring your bucket and spade! It will be just like yesterday for you!!!! Oh, a politican getting his hands dirty, what a silly thought, go and nod behind John instead!

moaning is not enough

Posted on 01-11-2011 20:56 | By Steve Morris

As someone who grew up in Papamoa, loves our beach and am raising my kids here I am more than happy to take time off and clean my beach UNPAID. If someone leaves rubbish on my front lawn I don’t spend all day blaming the politicians and expect them to pay me to clean it up, I do it myself! That’s what most of us who have volunteered have done. I am sick of people bagging the defence force too, I’ve heard of soldier made quite upset at the abuse he’s copping from armchair critics and I’ve seen with my own eyes volunteers moaning and swearing at the army who are brushing the oil off their gumboots for not picking them up and dropping them off at the exact point the oil is. This is real life, bad things happen, we all need to get a grip and get on with cleaning it up instead of expecting a magic wand to do it and then give us compo

Well said Openknee8ted!

Posted on 01-11-2011 20:15 | By theschizzle

The calls for volunteer help are not falling on deaf ears at all. Many of the volunteers are angry that while they are facing losing their jobs, tourists on working visa’s are being paid to take the work. Others have been scared senseless because a few loud idiots have told they will die if they go to help with the cleanup. Still more have realised they can’t take any more time off work or they will lose the job they still precariously hold. Tell John Key to get his priorities right. Forget the campaign trail - get over here and organise the running of this show! Never mind smiling at ridiculous NZ Herald polls that say 50% of the people think an adequate job of responding was done. don’t ask Aucklanders - ask us!

some comments plain stupid

Posted on 01-11-2011 19:58 | By Gee Really

Instead of constantly criticising everything and everyone some of the people who comment here should get off their bottoms and help out. People volunteer because they want to help out and sometimes it suits and other times it doesn’t. Alongside will be the likes of the army and others. We should all work together. True volunteering means you don’t expect to be paid and you don’t get paid. I can’t see why people criticize the PM and MPs over this disaster. Everyone’s doing their best in difficult circumstances.

Where's Wally?

Posted on 01-11-2011 19:20 | By Openknee8ted

Prime Minister John Key has announced 500 Defence Force personnel are on standby ready for a “spade and bucket” rescue operation. - Where are they? John Key promises that the beaches will be restored to “the state they were in before the catastrophe… no matter what the cost.” Dutch tourist Kris Nijhuisis working with a team of nine people contracted through different labour hire companies, getting paid $15 an hour to undertake clean up operations on Papamoa and Mount Maunganui beaches. – Locals get nothing. Foreigners crash their ship on the reef - locals asked to donate to clean up fund. If you are so concerned Simon get John key to keep his promises and get the people responsible to pay for the cleaning instead of begging the locals to do it for free. If National get in it will be compulsory for beneficiaries to clean up the beaches while the fat cat rich shipping companies get off free. If you are a foreigner you get everything – if you are local you get nothing. Which Nation are you for National?

PS to Simon

Posted on 01-11-2011 14:58 | By Kiwimon

Especially since being half Maori as well!

All hands on board?

Posted on 01-11-2011 14:55 | By Kiwimon

Ok, see you there Simon? And pleeeeease, learn the appropriate pronunciation of Tauranga, it’s pathetic that not even the MP’s can pronounce the name of the city they live in!!


Posted on 01-11-2011 13:22 | By YakYak

I did some volunteering work and I’m not surpized that people aren’t turning up. I was messed around, i.e asked to come in and when I arrived was told I wasn’t needed. Also the person I was dealing with was a 19 year kid with no life or people skills.Some of the volunteers are paid, so I don’t understand why they don’t employ some one to run the place correctly and not like a school. I won’t be giving up any more of my time untill things are better organised.

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