Lessons off at Baywave as pools cool


All learn to swim classes at Baywave have been cancelled as staff deal with cooling temperatures caused by an issue with the pools’ complex bore.

The bore which heats the water and air in the pools complex, is currently switched off and it will need to remain so while detailed underground investigations take place, says a statement from Bay Venues today.

Until the issue is resolved the pools will remain unheated. Bay Venues will look to provide a further update on Monday, once the full extent of the issue has been established. 

“The reinjection bore is an integral part of the infrastructure used to heat the water and air at Baywave, which means we have been experiencing a decrease in water temperature since the decision to shut down the bore on Sunday,” says Acting CEO of Bay Venues, Justine Brennan today.

“What this means for our customers is a noticeable colder water temperature, with the smaller pools losing heat at the fastest rate.

“Baywave remains open, and our customers are welcome to continue using our pools. We are offering our customers half price general entry fee, including free hydro slide, to recognise that we are unable to provide our usual high level of service at this time,” says Justine.

“Many swimmers are not finding the lower temperatures to be a problem in the lap pool, which is currently two degrees cooler than usual.  Greg Swanburg from the Mount Maunganui Swim Club commented this morning that it is a comfortable environment for their morning training sessions and they will continue to swim as the temperatures drop.”

As of Wednesday morning the pool temperatures were: Pool Current temp Normal temp Lap pool 26.5 27.5 Wave pool 27.3 32.5 Learners’ pool 27.1 32.5 Toddlers’ pool 27.4 33.5 Spa pool 28.5 39.0.

The current temperatures can be found here. The hydroslide will run during its normal operating hours.

Friday Fun Nights have been cancelled until temperatures are back to normal, according to a notice on the Baywave Facebook page.

Aquatic Members and Squad Swimmers can continue swimming at Baywave in the lap pool or wave pool if they choose.

The sauna and steam room will remain available for adult members’ use.

Customers can also access the other aquatic facilities including Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Otumoetai Pools and Mount Hot Pools, using the Baywave membership card.

Learn to Swim classes are cancelled until temperatures have returned to normal. Monday to Friday morning classes will relocate to Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre at the same time with the same teacher. Saturday and Sunday classes will also relocate to Greerton, same time with the same teacher.

Schools in Pools All classes are cancelled until temperatures are back to normal. All Aqua-aerobics classes are cancelled at Baywave until temperatures are back to normal.

Classes are available at the Mount Hot Pools Monday 8.45am, Tuesday 10am, Wednesday/Thursday 9am, Friday 9.30am and Saturday 8.30am. Classes are also available at the Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre Monday - Friday 9.15am and Tuesday 7pm.

The problem is being investigated and it is not yet known when the pools will return to normal temperatures.


Where is the innovation?

Posted on 19-05-2018 09:13 | By Floyd

When a hotels boiler has problems they simply hire a containerized boiler to provide steam. If this was done the steam could be directed through a heat exchanger (long piece of zig zag pipe) lowered into respective pools overnight to bring the temperature back to normal. The private sector has to react rapidly for problems at the like of hotels!


Posted on 18-05-2018 18:27 | By overit

another blooper Venue. Didn’t this happen at the Mount Hot Pools?

Not again...

Posted on 18-05-2018 15:25 | By MISS ADVENTURE

These pools must be considered a nightmare ... day and night by those involved surely. The amazing thing is that rateayers just keep on dumping "unknown" amounts of monolithic proportions into the ever growing abyss that is Bay Venues. Obviously maintainence is an issue, obviously no backup plans or options either. Just throw money at it when it crashes.

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