A step closer to more parking spaces

Business owner Ken Evans with the empty road reserve land in the background, which he and other business owners on Aerodrome Road wish to see become a carpark. Photo: Ryan Wood.

Frustrated business owners on Aerodrome Road seeking safer parking options are a step closer to achieving their goal after pleading their case to councillors.

Ken Andersen and Michelle Peter, who operate separate businesses in the area, spoke at Tuesday’s transport committee meeting in the council chambers.

Both of them are advocating for a piece of road reserve land on the northern corner of Aerodrome Road to be transformed into a carpark for workers at local businesses to use.

In the past the land has been leased by the council to commercial operators, chiefly for storage of vehicles and other machinery.

Presently it is not being leased to anyone, and the empty lot is being ‘squatted on’ for parking by workers in the area.

Committee members requested a detailed report from staff about the options available in regards to using the space, which was delivered to the transport committee at Tuesday’s meeting.

The report suggests three options – continuing to lease the land; constructing a free carpark; or constructing a carpark and leasing the spaces to local businesses.

The costs of the latter two options include an estimated capital expenditure of $250,000 – a figure both Ken and Michelle disagree with.

“We’ve received quotes of between $25,000 and $40,000.”

Tauranga City Council transport manager Martin Parkes admits the figure of $250,000 was the upper estimate, but says around $200,000 would still have to be spent to do a ‘proper’ sealed carpark with channel and curbing and with storm water considerations taken into account.

Michelle says at present, cars are also parking on the curb near the corner, causing safety concerns.

“Due to limited parking options these vehicles are a hazard. They obscure the view, essentially making that a blind corner,” she says.

“Our employees have had several near misses, as well as vehicular damage. It’s only a matter of time before there’s a serious harm incident.”

At the moment council staff have held off leasing the land to a new occupier while the transport committee makes a decision. Many committee members were sympathetic to the idea of using the space for car parking at Tuesday’s meeting, and argued that there is little difference between using the land to store a company’s property and using it to ‘store’ cars during the day.

Martin agrees, but says if cars are coming and going that will inevitably cause more wear and tear to the land, if the proper care is not taken to prevent this from happening.

Eventually, Councillor Larry Baldock moved to hold off on a final decision for two months, to allow the business owners on Aerodrome Road to make a proposal to the council to lease the land themselves for parking purposes. This was agreed to and passed by other committee members.

Ken and Michelle say they are pleased with the outcome of the meeting.

“It was a reasonable decision, especially since they didn’t have enough information in front of them to begin with.”



Posted on 18-05-2018 07:31 | By 82m

The whole industrial area of the mount has no parking. Have a look around Tukarako dr area too. Every parking space taken, people parked on the grass and everywhere. It should be part of the building consent for all these multi-business industrial buildings that they build everywhere and only allocate one or two parking spaces each.

Council have been removing so much parking!!!

Posted on 17-05-2018 14:08 | By jed

Council have probably removed a hundred or so carparks around mt maunganui. They’ve been replaced by berms, footpaths, and coffee caravans. I’m surprised the cafe’s put up with it.

People die

Posted on 17-05-2018 13:27 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Then and only then will the officials start to "think" and of course at that time its to late. You just need to look at NZTA, they rely on a death count to figure if a road is dnagerous or not and its ranking as a result

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