Time running out to vote on Maori wards

Western Bay of Plenty electors delivered a petition to the council in February to force a public poll on the issue of Maori wards for the district. File photo.

Western Bay of Plenty electors have until Saturday to have their say on whether or not the district council should establish Maori wards.

The Western Bay of Plenty District Council is holding a binding poll to see whether the racially-segregated wards should be introduced for the next two triennial elections in 2019 and in 2022.

Voting documents have been sent to all electors on the district’s electoral roll (both the general and Maori parliamentary rolls). Electors have until noon on May 19 to return these documents.

If you believe you are eligible to vote but haven’t received a voting document contact the electoral office for a special vote - 0800 922 822.

The poll has come about because in November 2017 Western Bay councillors voted to establish one or more Maori wards.

Consequently, an independent petition from over five per cent of Western Bay electors who opposed the decision was handed to the council, triggering the poll.

Completed documents can be returned by post, or hand delivered to a ballot box at one of the council’s service centres (Barkes Corner, Te Puke, Waihi Beach, Katikati, and Omokoroa).

The results of the poll will be known on Saturday afternoon.


Colleen Spiro

Posted on 14-05-2018 15:59 | By Captain Sensible

Colleen refers to the people in the photo as being the beneficiaries of "white priviledge" (sic). Any one of those people could be 1/16th maori and thus entitled to numerous maori-only privileges, but see that sort of separatism as divisive and racist. How silly and insulting to assume just because someone is against maori wards that they are white!! Many maori don’t want to pursue apartheid, segregation and race based privilege also. Still, at least she had a lame attempt at an insult which hopefully made her feel better.


Posted on 14-05-2018 15:27 | By NZer

As usual your comments are full of rubbish. Please explain white privilege to me. Everyone is subject to the same law in NZ even Maori. Coleen why dont you understand that British citerzens are made up of all ethnicities including the ones By Angels listed...


Posted on 14-05-2018 14:46 | By Madmax

we dont need maori wardens they have no use to us at all no maori warden will tell me what to do. what privileges do we get they get everything just like they think they own the under pass with all that stuiped pain on the walls


Posted on 14-05-2018 14:33 | By dumbkof2

it will be like the museum ,councilors will go ahead with it anyway

@ Colleen Spiro

Posted on 14-05-2018 13:51 | By Captain Sensible

What privileges do these people have? Can you be specific? I have already mentioned dozens of race based privileges only available to maori, so I would be interested for you to name privileges that, due to their race, maoris are denied but are granted to "white people". Let’s hear them!


Posted on 14-05-2018 11:06 | By Colleen Spiro

Are you referring to the people with white priviledge ALREADY that want them to fail. The people that recognise that democracy does not work for minitorities....and @BY Angels....I wish people would understand, that only TWO races signed the Treaty...The British and Maori......that will explain hopefully to you and lots of others why we will not have seats available for other ethnicities.

Minority wards

Posted on 14-05-2018 09:53 | By Angels

Well seeing we have more asians in NZ than Maori we should also think of Asian, maybe pacific island wards as well. East Indian wards etc etc.If we are going to give one minority seats it would make sense to make even more minority parties and make a bigger farce of the mmp system we have already have.We seen at the last election, the second in command in NZ was not even voted in.What democracy. Lets let it get more out of control

Well done people

Posted on 14-05-2018 09:14 | By Captain Sensible

Well done to all those in the photo. Fighting for democracy and doing a great job. Sadly, there are a lot of people with massive senses of entitlements who want you to fail. You have done this with no financial reward and deserve great praise.

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