Trial to reduce SH2 traffic delays

A two-week trial will be carried out on SH2, between Clarke and Te Puna Sation roads. Supplied photo.

The NZ Transport Agency and Western Bay of Plenty District Council are carrying out a two-week trial to see if delays can be reduced for people using State Highway 2 near Te Puna.

The trial will be carried out between Clarke Road and Te Puna Station Road on weekdays from Monday 14 May to Friday 25 May 2018.

Solutions that are being trialled include removing the right-turn into Te Puna Station Road from SH2, speed reductions on Te Puna Station Road and closing Te Puna Station Road from Clarke Road. 

People will access SH2 from Clarke Road or Te Puna Road. 

The trial results will be assessed and more permanent options may be implemented.

Transport Agency Bay of Plenty Journey Manager, Nigel D’Ath, says the changes should reduce the number of people using the side roads and will hopefully lead to improved and more consistent travel time.

“We will have people on site monitoring this trial and if queues become too long it will be removed.

“The results will be analysed and we will be in contact with the community again to let them know the outcome."

Traffic volumes and travel time data were collected in late 2017 while Te Puna Station Road was closed for slip repairs and again when the road was re-opened. 

The data indicated some minor reduction in travel time on State Highway 2 when Te Puna Station Road was closed. 

However, a more in-depth trial needs to be undertaken during the school term.

The trial is classified as a minor improvement.


time to travel in peaks

Posted on 21-05-2018 21:17 | By Wonkytonk

i accept if it takes double to even triple the time to travel a distance in peak hours its acceptable? any normal city of over 125,000 people this is what you get?! do we really live in the dark ages!! I used to work somewhere 4km and it took me 50 mins for a 5 min drive, it was normal, did not like it but thats life!


Posted on 09-05-2018 08:44 | By simple.really

unlikely to be in a hurry going to and from Hospice....just saying. Don’t think it features in the discussion.

If this

Posted on 08-05-2018 21:29 | By Merlin

If this is going to increase traffic coming out of Clarke Road onto SH2 opposite Mc Gregors with traffic coming up the cutting from Te Punas roundabout it will be a disaster waiting to happen.

Omokoroa College required now

Posted on 08-05-2018 17:39 | By RML

Driving to Katikati in the mornings from Tauranga past the tailed backed traffic, the answer is clear. In the school holidays traffic is at least 60% less. No Mummy or Daddy driving the kids to College in Tauranga from Omokoroa. The land is reserved for the College so why not just do it.New roads are still required, but will take years to build. Omokoroa College can be up and running faster.


Posted on 08-05-2018 17:38 | By SDG

So what about the traffic trying to get on from Crawford and Wairoa rds and all the side roads on the opposite side...the issue isn’t the side road traffic it’s the piling too many cars from a 90 to a 50. Supported by the fact once your at Bethlehem in the 2 lane through it clears up instantly. Their proposal will be a disaster.

Waipuna hospice

Posted on 08-05-2018 16:54 | By Pastume

I can see a major problem with this idea, if ambulances going to waipuna hospice cant turn right off of SH2 into Station Rd this could cause unnecessary delays in possible urgent situations as ambulances are too high to be able to turn left into Wairoa rd and then go under the bridge and through to Station rd and the hospice that way.

Looks like a court case

Posted on 08-05-2018 14:54 | By righto

Given the fact the environment court has ruled twice on this it will be interesting to see how the flip flop works

About time

Posted on 08-05-2018 14:22 | By Qalad

About time the idiots in charge did something. 40 mins from Whakamarama this morning after 9:00 am is crazy. Left late to miss the traffic what a joke . They spent 7 million on a roundabout so lets use it close Te Puna Station road before Clarke road turn off.

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