$2.5m to help Tauranga homeless

The government is investing $2.5 million in emergency housing for Tauranga, in a move welcomed by community housing provider Accessible Properties. File photo.

Accessible Properties is encouraged by the government’s commitment to provide an additional $2.5 million investment for emergency housing in Tauranga.

The investment is part of an emergency housing package of $20.5 million to provide an additional 1500 houses nationwide through the Housing First programme.

“We are encouraged by the government’s commitment to work long-term and in partnership with community housing providers to tackle New Zealand’s housing crisis,” says Accessible Properties chief executive Greg Orchard.

Accessible Properties is one of New Zealand’s largest community housing providers with more than 2500 homes, including more than a thousand in Tauranga. 

“Accessible Properties is already working hard in partnership with Tauranga’s emergency housing providers and government agencies to ensure people within the region have the best chance to move from homelessness to stable housing,” says Accessible Properties general manager Tauranga Vicki McLaren.

“We speak to people all over the country who are in need for good, warm, dry homes, and we welcome any moves to make a difference in people’s lives,” says Greg.


addicts prefer drugs to a roof

Posted on 07-05-2018 16:46 | By Captain Sensible

Homeless shelters do not allow drugs or alcohol, so many homeless prefer the streets to going without their favourite poison. It has become trendy to give too much sympathy for some of these leeches.

Time to see it not just read about it !!!

Posted on 07-05-2018 15:54 | By Angels

Time for people to see what is going on, reading about it is nothing !! We have a serious problem with the homeless .I too struggle with the argument of why is their families not helping !!?? Why are they there when we have 100,s of jobs in Tauranga presently. Is there a plan to not make helping people a permanent situation. Are there plans to help people get onto their own feet. If mental issues are the case etc, totally understand the situations would be diffferent. A thought, We truly need to teach people to fish rather than supply the fish, we are crying out for tradies etc etc, The housing problems now are only the tip of whats coming. We truly need large scale government housing complexes for families with a potential future ( wanting to help themselves).


Posted on 07-05-2018 15:34 | By Merlin

Houses are better than the motels the previous governments strategy was.

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