Maori wards undermining democracy

The NZ Centre for Political Research reveals Stuart Crosby, Doug Leeder and 13 other local body politicians voted to undermine our democracy!

This group, The National Council for Local Government NZ, voted for and sent the following resolution to parliament. “That the ability to demand a poll to overturn a council decision to create a Maori ward or constituency is anomalous and discriminatory and should be removed.”

These people, who are paid large amounts by you and I, obviously have no idea of their duty to promote democratic policy, as demanded by the communities to which they are the servants.

I believe Crosby and Leeder should be removed from office. We are sick and tired of people trying to create separatism in New Zealand.

K. Evans, Tauranga (Abridged).


Strange idea of democracy

Posted on 05-05-2018 13:40 | By waxing

A council’s decision to establish a Maori ward can be subject to a referendum which can overturn the Council’s decision. A council’s decision to establish any other new ward is not subject to a referendum that can overturn the council’s decision. So surely it is the current anomalous situation discriminating only against Maori wards that is separatist, racist and undemocratic?

I assume......

Posted on 29-04-2018 06:00 | By groutby

........if achieved, it makes their tenure in office that much more...comfortable....just the way they want it as Public servants, and to hell with the consequences in the future....

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