Should St John survive on charity?

Colleen Clark has given 50 years’ service as a St John volunteer, and Jack Chivers gave 70 years’ service and a couple of hundred thousand dollars to St John to buy equipment. He also bought a vehicle for a service club, and he was not a rich man.

Do these people ever get the recognition often given to some who only really help themselves? This government, like the previous one, short changes St John to the tune of $70 million to run its service. This government is happy that charity funds fill the gap on what is a life-saving essential service, just like the police.    

R Chamberlain, Tauranga.


Mein Fuhrer.....

Posted on 28-04-2018 20:11 | By groutby

...agreed, but damn’ pleased someone does!...(sponsor)

notice how St John

Posted on 27-04-2018 10:07 | By Mein Fuhrer

is sponsored by ASB, a bank that probably makes 70 million in profit every month, go figure.

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